a tiny look

at the HUGE amount of work those two lovebirds did. Here is Ronan, hanging the lanterns:
This was on every table along with 2 gorgeous centerpieces:
The Unity Candle table, designed by my seester:
Also, made by her...she sewed these flowers on:
And then hung it up:
My auntie Lee, sliding bread sticks into sprigs of Rosemary tied with ribbon. (no, I'm not kidding...Andrea tied 175 of those by herself the day before)
The card cage:
They planted these Hydrangeas last year with the plan of using them at their wedding. And they did! Love that story.
Seester, making boutonnieres from orchids:
Mom, tying on bouquets:
The most amazing thing...this is where people picked up their place card with table assignment. So pretty:



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