vegan cake balls & what went wrong

Saturday started out beautifully with Ruby and I performing our new morning routine...heading to the grocery store and Dunkin' together while the boys woke up.

I especially felt like a local girl this morning, handing over my cash with my new press ons. After breakfast we went over to Andrea's house to watch her tie up rosemary. For four hours.
Oh, and to make some cake lollipops. I was just going to make a safe cake for James to eat at the wedding but we decided these things were so darn cute that we had to try them.

They were so easy to make allergy friendly. I made one crazy cake (of course, right?), used one jar of the new Cherrybrook Kitchen ready made frosting for convenience (tasted very good, no icky ingredients but also? looks like snot), and mixed up a thin butter cream (powdered sugar, soy milk, vanilla, bit of Earth Balance) to dunk them in. The whole process took about 4 hours. Make cake, cool cake, mix cake and frosting together, form into balls, freeze, stick in sticks (bought at JoAnns), make icing, change icing 556 times to get right consistency, dip balls, sprinkle, stab holes in Styrofoam block, let harden. whew.

It was really a fun day, though. My sister and I just hung out in her kitchen all day while the kids & men played outside. When the lollipops were hardened I put them in a disposable casserole pan with a snap on lid and gently placed them in the cooler and then into our trunk.

See how pretty they were?

How about a close up?Well, after we packed them up we went to a playground and then out to dinner. When we got back to the hotel a few hours later I picked up the cooler and decided to drain the water while we were still outside. huh. It was pink? Couldn't figure that one out. UNTIL we got inside. sigh. I opened up the cooler and that's when I saw the CAKEBALL CARNAGE.
Somehow the pan had opened up and water had gotten in. The cakeballs were muckballs. I had made 4 dozen of them (one cake makes about 5 dozen...a few (ahem) got eaten along the way) and was able to salvage less than one dozen by cutting the wet backsides off of them. I had really wanted to be able to share with others but was thankful I at least still had enough so James would have a treat at the wedding. All that work!!! Ah, such is life, right?

The craziest cake carnage of all? Andrea and Ronan never even got to taste their cake. The caterer had left their $600.00 cake outside all afternoon and a SQUIRREL ate it. Nice. When my mom came to tell me I looked over and the servers were smoothing the frosting over the nibble marks. Oh no. They somehow found replacement sheet cakes and that's what everyone was served. Andrea did get their money back.

I'd like to wrap this up with a warning about handling your balls with care but that just seems so dirty for 9am.

xoxoox ;)


  1. you are so dirty........

    Did they actually get the cake money back yet? When I asked her on Sun. it hadn't arrived.

  2. oh, those lollipop cakes were so perfect!

    Have you ever used Pamela's frosting? I really like that one, and I am getting ready to try Cherrybrook Kitchen frosting soon. just waiting in the lazy susan.

    And squirrels, they are nasty little rodents.

  3. Squirrels ate the wedding cake?!?! OMG! A good story though, no?

    Your cake balls were adorable! Too bad you ended up with soggy balls.

  4. No...I've never even heard of Pamela's, I'll have to look for it.

    heehee...soggy balls. ;) There could be so many ways to go with that.


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