we interrupt this busy week

for a day of rest. It's a cool, rainy day...perfect for staying in bed and reading all morning. (this book is not even close to the Ya-Ya books but was good. Warning: it's a tear-jerker!! I sobbed a few times.)

We had our anniversary dinner at Pizza Brutta last night. They were happy to accomodate James' allergies and he ate his ham & salami pizza without incident. Afterwards we went to a playground so Patrick and the kids could run around and act crazy like they like to do. I sat on a bench, quite happy that I had a blanket from the van to wrap up in while I digested my pizza.

It is time to rouse myself and check on the children. I mean, I can hear them and everything, I just haven't seen them for a while. xoxo


  1. We did the same thing today. How funny is that.

  2. Hi honey...sorry I've missed your calls. I've actually been out three evenings this week doing fun stuff! It's a miracle, I know.
    Anyway, tomorrow is Sat., so I'll try to call you in the morning, ok?
    Erin is coming @9am to help w/the basement, then Kent's wedding party starts @ 5pm. I'm glad you guys had a nice anniversary celebration. The things you wrote about our Patrick are so wonderful and so true, nice idea sweetheart. How's the peanut doinrseg? Well, and J and R too, of course :)? Kiss everyone for me ok.....love and miss you all, mama


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