Tomorrow is the big day, first day of kindergarten, and we are all pretty excited. Ruby was up sick again last night so I didn't get to bed until almost 1am. I am super sleepy today. I wanted to do something fun today (the girl seems fine now???) but James said he just wanted to stay home. How could I argue with that?

The weekend was a good one...I had breakfast and a did a little thrifting with Zoe & Kari Saturday morning, napped Saturday afternoon, felt awful Saturday night so called in sick to church on Sunday, felt ok on Sunday but took it easy all day and here we are again, back at Monday.

I have to put Ruby down for her nap now and play some board games with the boy. He's pretty easy to please. I also want to muster up the energy to hang another load of laundry outside but may only be able to manage a nap.

I'll be back later this week...sorry this is so boring. I am tired. xoxo


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