burnt sienna

After I shot about 20 pictures of this particular scene, I continued to sit at the table and finish my coffee and donut. Ruby popped up over the half wall and it struck me that she is a little burnt sienna, herself.

I might be a little off on my coloring, here is the official Crayola page, but it works for me. Did you go look at the other participants yesterday? So many beautiful photos.


Ruby was sick on Sunday, forcing me to miss James' first soccer game (sniff), but is feeling much better now. I am also thinking my energy is returning, bit by bit. Most importantly, the cooler weather yesterday & this morning is making me super happy. (as our buddy Kai-Lan would say.) xoxo


  1. Awww, your little one is such a cutie!!

    I love your To Don't lists...I think I would add Cleaning to avoid :-)


  2. I absolutely love this picture of Ruby. She is so beautiful!!! :)

  3. Love your burnt siennas! Lucky you to have some cool weather :) We are having a strange heat wave where I am. Looking forward to those nice cool, fall days.

  4. i know the photo subject is supposed to be all things burnt sienna, but this makes me want a powdered donut. mmmmm ;)

  5. Beautiful shot of your Ruby!

  6. What a great combo of pictures, love the combination of the doughnut and the list which includes things to Delay or sabotage!! Oh- and the second photo of your daughter is fantastic!! she perfectly suits the colour and I love her rumpled locks and expression! What a beauty!

  7. She is one little cutie! Such a serious little face. Found you through Colour week and love your blog - will be adding to my favourites.

  8. Love 'em both! What I wouldn't give for that hair...and my "to don't" list is probably way too long; could use a pad like that!


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