happiness is...

going for a bike ride and collecting leaves with my girl

getting an unexpected hour to myself to read a magazine & have some coffee

seeing our kids with their grandpa

new carpet

a sweet husband

seeing James having so much fun with his friends at their soccer game after listening to him complain about going to said soccer game ALL afternoon

rain storms that held off long enough for an after soccer trip to the park

a son who offers to hold my hand so I'm not too scared on the dried up river bed

piling on the couch with our kids to watch Amazing Race while it pours outside

zucchini bread brought over from a neighbor

a quiet day at home with both of my kids (okay, not so quiet, but nothing we have to do...)


James was up coughing a lot last night so I let him stay home today. He hadn't even considered that option so right now he thinks I'm the greatest mom ever. Not a bad spot to be in, if only for a while. I hope you all had good weekends and are enjoying your Monday so far, whatever it entails. (mine entails lots of dishes, but coffee & zucchini bread are waiting for me afterwards...) xoxo


  1. Three words about the Amazing Race-Eat the Wasabi!

  2. Oh my gosh, Holly. I was SO close to barfing during that. I could hardly watch. We didn't finish the last hour so I have to catch up online. :)


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