have a happy friday...

First, here is my chestnut brown contribution for color week:

And a quick pillow cover I sewed up out of a beautiful wool shirt I thrifted: (thanks to Betz White for the simple but brilliant idea of using the shirt buttons as the closure for the slip cover)
And guess what I'm going to do today? Yup, a little fall baking for our weekend.
Oh, and finally, a thrifted vintage owl that I'm going to spray paint black: (check out these awesome Halloween ideas)

And finally, most importantly, everything went really well yesterday. This particular ultra sound is available to anyone who wants it, especially if you're over 35, but I chose not to get one with Ruby. This time I decided to, for many reasons, one of which was just to see the baby again! I am 38 so my risk of having a child with Downs Syndrome or another chromosomal problem is still fairly low (1 in 300? I think) but this time I just wanted some more information. They measure some fluid in the back of the baby's neck and anything under 3mm is considered normal...ours measured 1.2mm so that was good. They took some blood as well and we'll get those results in 7-10 days. I feel good I did it and am glad it's over. The best part was seeing our baby again who looked so different from even a week and a half ago. At one point, he or she gave us a great view of their profile and there it was...James & Ruby's little nose. Another one of those tiny little noses...what an amazing blessing to see it again.

James is really excited about having another sister or brother. He knows what this whole process is like and has already mentioned how I'll be so busy nursing for a while after the baby comes. Hopefully he'll help Ruby through that first transitional period. He stuck our new picture of the baby up on his cork board last night and gave my belly a kiss before bed. What a little buddy. He suggested, if it's a boy, we name it Grave Digger after a monster truck in one of his library books. What a grand idea! We could call him Digger for short.



  1. Hey Steph,
    so glad your appt went well and you were able to see your sweet little person! Those ultrasounds can be nerve-racking. How sweet of James! What a little honey.

  2. What a fabulous idea with the shirt! And I am cracking up about calling the little one Digger. Boys and their trucks! Glad your little one is well!

  3. Your James has a sweet soul =)
    Happy that all is well in your world.


  4. A little late but I'm happy to read all is well. Sounds like James is going to be a wonderful big brother (again):)


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