hi everyone...

happy tuesday!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

Ruby has been doing really well with the potty training stuff. Something seemed to click inside of her while we were on vacation and she's been very agreeable about the whole thing ever since. One of my favorite parts? Seeing her tiny little body running around in underpants all the time. Seriously. Little bodies are so darn cute. (I still think the same of James, too. I'm not the only one, am I?)

Here she is playing a "game" on Patrick's Iphone. It's the Koi pond game, not really a game at all, but she likes it.She recently learned the thumbs up technique, thanks to James.
Next she'll probably be doing the rock star poses that he seems to favor these days.
I got to spend a nice chunk of time at the bookstore yesterday afternoon and didn't even have to drive myself. Patrick dropped me off and took the kids to play somewhere else for about an hour and a half. It was really nice. I thought this book looked good:
so did this recipe: (easily adapted to dairy free)
Here is James trying to figure out how to smuggle his Bakugan into school in his sleeve.
A boy and his Bakugan. There's nothing sweeter.


And finally, a funny store. Last fall I cut these bracelets from some of my felted sweater sleeves. I thought they were really cute but wondered if they were too simple or dumb to sell. I mean, really, how easy is this project? Very. I tucked them away and pulled them out to show my mom after we got back from Mass because they had stayed on my mind all along and I wanted to try them this year. I hadn't sewn the buttons on yet but showed them to her along with the buttons and she really liked them and said, "why not?" I value my mother's opinion (most of the time, mom, don't get all big headed on me) so decided to make some for the Craftacular.

About a week or two later Wendy told me she had received the latest issue of Family Fun magazine and there were lots of cute craft ideas she thought I'd like. She brought it to show me and my jaw almost hit the floor. There, on the cover, were my felted sweater sleeve bracelets.

AAAAARGHGHGHGHGH! If you are a crafter you know how much fun it is to come up with a "new" idea. Even a simple one like this, I was pretty happy about it. Having something different is really fun (like my wine sleeves from last year) and to be honest, a new & different idea is not easy to come by. Now, I totally know that someone probably has made these before. But in my little part of the world I hadn't seen them yet. (checking etsy & flickr is always a good test) So, that was a bummer. Not that I was going to get all famous or something but do you guys know what I mean? Darn you, Family Fun! :) Here is a link to the project if you want to try making these...they are really fun and come out adorable, if you ask me: bracelets Or, if you just don't have the time (wink, wink), I'll hopefully be selling some at the Craftacular in November. (or on Etsy if I don't get a spot at the Craftacular...I'll know on Sept. 15)

Enjoy your Tuesday! xoxo


  1. hi cheerful daughter.....everything coming along fine?

  2. I am very proud of Ruby. She is going a great job!!!

  3. Great job Ruby! All in their own time, right? So what the heck is the thing that James is hiding in his sleeve? I should probably Google it. And those bracelets are ADORABLE. Don't be taken aback that they are on the cover, just bask in the knowledge that you are on the crafty cutting edge!

  4. I love those cute little tushies in big kid undies too! :)
    I got that magazine a few weeks ago and ( no joke here ) I totally thought of you and your wine bottle holders last year. CRAZY!!
    Glad to hear you got some nice R&R this weekend. I have made that choc chip cheese ball thing many times - YUMMY!!

  5. darn that family fun! that issue also had something i nit that i wrote about for another blog thinking i had something new. brain isn't working now to think of what it was but i was all "aack!" about it. just goes to show there are no more true original ideas. drats! i love your bracelets, pretty!

  6. Thanks you guys!!

    Susan, that is crazy. :) I can't wait to make that choc chip thing now that it has your approval. ;)

    jek - those dirty family fun rats! I guess great minds think alike, though, right?

    Allison - Bakugans are these little magnetic balls that flop open into creatures. James is just getting into them but they've been around for a while. James might love them. at Target or Walmart...easy to find. :)


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