I love the mornings, still

It's been hard for me, this second week, to say goodbye to James in the morning. After school is kind of stressful (as late afternoons have always been) so it's hard to send him off when I know a good morning would lay before us but instead all we'll get is an icky afternoon together. He is tired when he gets home and not so much crabby but teetering on the edge of crabby and can fall over with the gentlest nudge from his sister. His sister who is very crabby because she is not getting any sort of normal nap in anymore. I almost thought about having him take the bus home so she could go down for her nap at 2. I just hate to put him on a bus for 40 minutes after a 7 hour day.

We like to play a board game after school but that was even a problem this week with all the battling. Yesterday they were both in their rooms within 20 minutes of us getting home. I am looking for suggestions here, if you have any. I'm thinking these things:

1. have him take the bus (but don't really want to do this)
2. do some other activity that they both can do (little people, play doh, painting) after we have a snack together
3. give Ruby her quiet time then and play a game with James (but she wants to see him toooooooooooo) (as she would say)
4. send him to after school care, Ruby to day care and be done with it (I am so kidding, don't look at me like that!)

One thing that has been nice is that the last 3 mornings James & I have been up before Ruby. I've gone in his room or he has come in mine and I love it. Just a little time to look at him (I love his tiny hands that are going to grow into the perfect man hands) (I have a thing for nice hands...Patrick's are perfect) and hear about whatever he built before bed the night before. (He unwinds with a little Lego building after we tuck him in.)

I think I will try number 2 today. (why did the seemingly best option have to be "number 2"? he.) Any experience or suggestions would be really appreciated.

Happy Friday to you. xoxo

OH! And one funny Ruby thing as I have been sooooo bad at writing these down lately. She played over at Brennan's house for a while yesterday after dinner and this was when she got home:

S: Did you and Brennan have fun, honey?
R: yeah.
S: What did you do?
R: We pretended we were dead.

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  1. Is Ruby the kind of kid who could nap before 2 if you wake her up earlier in the morning? It seems like she really needs some rest time at some point during the day.

    I think the first month of kindy is really hard on littles. It gets easier after that as they adjust to a solid day of "work".

    (We only have half day kindy here, and even then the kids are ready to crash when they get home.)

  2. As for me, I wouldn't add a long bus ride for him. He'd just be more tired and still want the same things once he got home.
    I know it might be a hassle at first, but couldn't Ruby just have to get used to accepting that she has to have her quiet time after she's seen James for about half an hour? Then you and James could have some time alone together and even if she gets up at five, she should be ready for bed by eight or so, right?
    And # two sounds good if it would work, but Ruby will still probably not do so well without a nap at all, don't you think?
    Love you, mom

  3. Thank you, Sarah. I might try that. I do think she needs some sort of nap at some point. I'd love to get her down earlier.

    Thank you, Mom, too. xoox

  4. So . . .

    I was going to say something all sweet and sappy and semi-helpful about the whole James debacle





    pretend we are dead bit

    and now all I can do is laugh and snort coffee out of my nose!


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