like buttah

This morning could not have gone smoother. He was excited from the minute his little eyes popped open. See?
Ruby was pretty excited, too, but unsure about what exactly. :)
James saying goodbye to Ruby and telling her one day she will have babies in her belly. (???)
And here is the kicker. We were all going to bring him on this first day but he wanted to go just with Dad. So Ruby and I waved goodbye and it all felt a little anti-climactic.
And now the house is very quiet, but that is nice. We made muffins and coffee and are figuring out what to do next. I am itching to move our bedroom around so maybe that will be on the agenda? :) xoxox


  1. sniff sniff. How can they be going off to school already????? Man it is weird. I can hear everything that Ada says;)

  2. oh my, such perfect pictures honey. thanks. you two girls enjoy your day, i love you all.

  3. Happy it went so well!! Soon we'll be able to hit Dig with much less baggage. :)

  4. Just with Dad?! Oh my, I would have cried. He is so grown up. Glad to hear it was a nice morning for all of you.


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