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We met Patrick for dinner the other night and ended up at a playground in Eagle Heights afterwards. (FYI: Eagle Heights is a UW apartment complex for grad students and we lived there for the first year of James' life) Patrick and James took off exploring right away so Ruby and I just hung out. It was a gorgeous night and it was fun to see how many leaves were turning around there already. I haven't noticed it around our house hardly at all.

Zoe & Ada are coming over today and we're going to try and get some crafty stuff done. Naomi gently reminded me to get my Craftacular application in, heehee, so I want to finish some stuff up so I can take pictures and get that off this weekend.

Have I said how I am so emotional right now? No? Well, the other day I stopped so a man could cross the street and when he turned around to give me a big friendly wave I almost started sobbing. It's that, "OH LORD, people are beautiful," kind of thing. It's nice. Which leads me to this: I just want to say how much I love when people leave comments here and on facebook. Love it, thank you. I always try to comment back but sometimes it might take me a couple days. Or, if I can, I will email it right back to you. I have just met some of the sweetest people through this blog and I love it. (sob.) xoxoxooxoxoxo
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  1. I love it when people are appreciative of the little things. Like the man waving at you. It makes me feel good when people wave after I've let them merge in front of me. Not that I cry or anything - hehehe :)
    Have a good time crafting!!

  2. LOVE the pic of Ruby peeking around the corner! (And I am emotional like this WITHOUT being pregnant! I think it's God showing his heart for his people and when we come close to God you never know what'll happen!)

  3. Thanks, Susan. It was a good crafty day. I hope I can see you soon!

    Thanks, Kathy. Everything you write these days chokes me up...you sure have a way with words and with writing what is on your heart. love that.

  4. It's your joyful observations and appreciation for them that keep me reading.

    That, and your hormones ;-)


  5. I love moments like that, when you can really just see how beautiful the world really is. An older man came up to Ella on Sunday and was waving and cooing at her and I almost broke down right on the spot. Have I ever said that Ruby is spectacularly beautiful? Just sayin'.


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