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One thing I'm working on right now is sorting & cleaning this house. I've gone through most of the rooms & closets (most of them...) and have since moved on to the basement.

I used to be a full time ebay seller before I had James. I should actually say part time because the other part of the time was spent cruising around to all the thrift stores...that was the fun part! It is still hard for me to resist certain finds but a couple totes worth of them have been sitting in my basement for the last few years. Time to go, boys! I listed 5 items on ebay this week and am happy to see 3 of them have bids already. You can see them here, if you're curious. A lot of it is just going back to the thrift store and some of it will go in my etsy shop. My etsy shop that rarely sees a sale, but did have one yesterday! woot!

In other parts of my life, I made one of these gingerbread hand puppets this morning. I saw these on the Green Jello blog, they are from an upcoming book, and fell in love. And then I made one and kind of fell out of love but it was still a fun & simple project. Ruby likes it, so that counts for something, right?As I write this, I realize that these are awfully similar to Simon Chipotle. Do you remember Simon?

That may have been one of the stranger things I've done.


p.s. I found out yesterday that I did get a spot at the Craftacular! (yay!) Time to kick it into gear! Here are some of the things I will be selling this year, if you're interested.


  1. ohmygosh sweetheart, you're da many ADORABLE projects. After seeing all of this I think you'll be especially happy with the present I sent you on Tuesday............yayyyyyyy!
    By the way, the bigger tissue-wrapped gift is for james and the smaller, long one for miss ruby.
    love to you all, mama

  2. If I pay for shipping, can I order some items online since I am not down there?

    You are amazing lady!


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