pacing myself

So. I think I have to learn to pace myself. I was dead tired by 1:30 yesterday afternoon but hey, my room was all cleaned and rearranged! heh. I put Ruby in her room for a little quiet time (which this girl does not mind at all) so I could eat some lunch and pull myself together a bit. We left to get James at 2:30, stopping at the library, and were waiting outside the school at 3:05. His class walked by and I looked at his teacher like, "um...?" and she ran back down the hall, into the bathroom. There was James. He came out, threw me his sweatshirt, and said, "I love you, Mom!" We walked outside and he got pretty ticked to see a stroller and not a van. Apparently the 7 block walk seemed far too long after his day but he forgave me and we made it home.

As we walked into the garage he started kissing things. "I love this house," he said over and over. "I loved my first day," he said over and over. He was a mushy little puddle of happy love. Tired happy love. He had eaten every bite of his lunch (2 corn dogs, snap pea crisps, nectarine & strawberry salad, rice krispie bar, chocolate milk) and was starving. About an hour and a half later he freaked out and shot Ruby in the belly with a nerf ball. About an hour after that I crawled into bed and waited for Patrick to get home and take over.

Overall, it was a really good day full of sweet moments in places I didn't expect them. (aren't those the best kind?) He crawled into bed with us this morning and the first thing he said was, "I loved my day yesterday." My little buddy.

They are gone already this morning and I am about to get in the shower. Ruby and I are going to take it easy today with a trip to the dr., some Starbucks, a walk by the lake...nice and easy. (nice and slow) (yo gabba gabba, anyone?)

Maybe I'll take some more pictures later on. xoxo

p.s. You are lucky I don't blog at night when all I would say is this, "I am so tired. I cannot believe how tired I am. My body hurts. I am too old for this. Why am I so tired? Will this really end?" It's bad, people. Thank God for husbands and the restorative powers of sleep. Also? A Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc pill before bed, even though it makes me gag, really helps with the nighttime wake ups when I remember to take one. (up at 3am? give me a call!)


  1. I'm up... should get your number.. hehehe...

    I know, my poor body it sooo done with all of this. I have been preggers way too long and with three other kids and a hubby and try to have a business.. let's just say I'm overwhelmed.

  2. Ahhh, I remember those sleepless nights. Put your vitamins next to your toothbrush! James is in pre-k M, T, Th and F so today is PAJAMA DAY! Yay! Take it easy. Oh, and did you see? I'm BACK! (But sorta flying low under the radar . . .)

  3. You are so close, Naomi!! I know people get sick of hearing pregnant women whine so please feel free to send me a venting message anytime. Can I do the same? ;)

    Allison - where are you blogging?? It must be really low because I haven't seen tell!!

  4. Man that is one lunch you sent in. I just sent E with a cheese sammie and an apple sauce and he came back with the apple sauce and ate it at home:)


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