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Today's color is not multi, I'm just not up to a photo hunt this morning. Maybe later?

Patrick is home this week working on finishing our lower level. My dad is coming this weekend to help him lay the carpeting. There is a lot to do but he's gotten a lot done and I couldn't be happier about it all. This weekend was supposed to be my sewing getaway, like last year, but I cancelled because my dad offered to come and help us. I will miss the weekend with my friends but I've wanted this downstairs finished since we moved in, and especially in the years since Ruby has arrived. Now with another little one on the way, I can't imagine better timing. My sister suggested a sound proof door at the top of the stairs. Brilliant. :)

With all the random stuff going on here this week, I haven't had much time to sew. I guess I got some stuff done last weekend but I am really wondering when I'm going to do all I want to do for the Craftacular. I think I need to sit down next week, when the house will be quiet again, and make myself up a work schedule. I also feel like if I at least make my booth fee back ($90) then I'll be happy. It's of course fun to make some cash but I really enjoy the whole process...planning, making, stockpiling, getting displays ready, the day of the show, being able to do it with my mother this year...so there is a lot in it for me to enjoy, and I plan to do so. If it kills me. (kidding!) :)

I have another ultra sound this afternoon which I am not really in the mood for. It will be fun to see that baby, of course, but it is a genetic counseling appointment, which I've never done before, so I'm a little nervous.

Up above is a hot pad I made out of 2 felted sweaters. I love these and plan on making, well, at least 2 more. :)



  1. Do you want me to take Ruby for an afternoon/day so that you can sew? I would not mind at all. Just let me know.

  2. breathe. in and out...breathe....

  3. Sounds like your very busy!!

    Hope all went well with the scan and the genetic counselling appointment (not that I have a clue what that is but I hope it went well anyway!!)



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