super exciting developments (not really)

I promise this girl is being supervised for most of the day.

I found this 3 tiered Pottery Barn serving tray at Goodwill last weekend for $3.99. I think it will be great for my table at the Craftacular. (which I still have to apply for) All those vintage Bingo cards were made into magnets and they each have the original wooden markers marking out a Bingo!

Here is James sitting under "our" tree after school yesterday. He had a good second day, too, and was looking forward to today but also asking when he got a day off. :)

I saw the N.P. who serves as the Pregnancy Clearinghouse for our insurance provider yesterday. She couldn't find a heartbeat but said not to worry because 10w is usually the earliest you'll hear it on Doppler, and then only if the planets align. I finally see my regular OB next week and am hoping she will have better luck. It was good to be reminded that this shortness of breath is normal because huffing as I come up the stairs/2 minutes into exercising was not making me too happy. I already have 30% more blood in my body!

Time to go do something super exciting and wild. xoxo
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  1. And why is that bedspring on the couch? And don't tell me you lifted it up there, or I will come and waggle my finger at you!

  2. Hey Steph,
    Such sweet posts. I'm glad James is enjoying kindergarten. Mason was very excited for James when he found out James started kindergarten. He said "Good for him! He went up a level! That is good."

    Sorry you are so tired. That part stinks. I should have called you last night. Maddox was up at 1:30 and 5:30. We'll have to get on facebook when we are up at night :)

    Love ya!!

  3. I was going to ask and say the same thing as Allison! Pregnancy clearing house? Never heard of that. Good luck next week :)

  4. I know! I signed in under the wrong account! I thought I gave you the link in an earlier comment--but maybe not--who knows--I sure can't blame it on preggo brain anymore! LOL and BTW, my Dad asked about you last night--he thinks you are so sweet!

  5. Allison & worries, Patrick lifted it up there the night before. :) (but I did haul it downstairs!)

    Jules, tell Mason thank you from James. :) And congrats on his new year as well. Sounds like a fun one so far.

    Susan, It's GHC. They make you see this nurse practioner first. PITA, if you ask me.

    And Allison, your Dad is the sweetest thing ever. Tell him thank you for thinking of me.

  6. I would have thrown a fit until they did an ultrasound. Not that trans.v ultrasound is a ton of fun, but it is neat to see the heartbeat at six weeks! How far do they think you are??

    I tell ya, convince them you are high risk for some odd reason or another and you can get the royal treatment! I mean, I have one 'off' blood clotting chromosone and I can whine my way into anything!

    Not really... I wish though... and hubber won't let me by a home doppler because he knows I would be a basketcase if Ms. Bean was laying weird and I couldn't find the heartbeat...

    xx's and oo's are you with you!

  7. Glad to hear things are going well for James at school. Doesn't it make you feel so good when you see that your kids are happy? Seeing Ruby on the box spring makes me thing I am just no fun at all!

  8. Naomi - that is so funny because Patrick vetoed the at home doppler, too. :) I would drive us all crazy. I DO get an ultrasound in the next 2 weeks for dating. I just have to call & schedule it. Yay! I hope they will still give me one at 20w because I want to know the sex, for sure.

    Holly - I did help them build a fort with the box spring (it's on its' way out to the garage so we can get rid of it) but Patrick took it to the next level (literally.) He is always, ALWAYS, more fun than me. :)


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