I've got nothing. (except a very nice morning with my friends that I hadn't seen in a whole week or so and it felt like forever!)

Here's some stuff I bookmarked because it was cool:

Orange Glazed Citrus Muffins (milk & egg free)

Free Halloween embroidery patterns

some cool free fonts

This sounded like a good fall dinner
(bookmarked since last year)

I would LOVE to make some of these for us. (mine might say..."if you get to me before 9pm" and "ha!")

This was a neat idea Holly did with her daughter.

I've linked to them before, but these cookies are so good.

I just thought these were adorable.

Alright, that's enough.

I just totally got MAD at my neighbor (but didn't show it to her). She gave Ruby a rice krispie bar without asking me first. First of all, the girl hasn't even eaten dinner yet. Second of all, it was her son that gave James the peanut butter ritz bitz 2 years ago. (no blame on that kid...James took it, but just to reference who they are) But they KNOW we have food allergies, they joked about "almost killing one of our kids" before (so NOT funny) and they have no idea what allergies Ruby has, if any. She doesn't, of course, but they didn't know that. PIST me off. She said, smiling, "I told her to ask you first." Whatever. Don't give kids food without asking their parents first yourself...especially 3 year olds. HOW IRRITATING.

My happy little mood has been squashed. (not really, but I am kind of worked up.) Time to go get these kids bathed and to bed so I can watch all the fun TV on tonight. xoxo


  1. It might be time for you guys to start egging their house.... just kidding of course. They sound like the type of people who think they understand allergies and have NO IDEA. I am sorry. Hope you have a nice watching TV.

  2. They obviously do not get the seriousness of what happened to James! Too bad they live so close to you. i"m sorry you still have to deal with that and them
    Maybe they will move someday?

  3. 'Sup. (I'm feeling a bit ghetto this evening!) Hahaha. Or more like DORKY.

    I just wanted to say that I had fun looking through all of your bookmarks - thanks for sharing. Some super cute ideas!

    So glad you had fun this morning, sorry we couldn't make it...but you would be glad we didn't. Allison was a HOT MESS ALL DAY! The kind of hot mess where she would be completely fine one second and screaming at the top of her lungs the next, for no rational reason. I am praying she feels better about life tomorrow!

    And I'm sorry to hear about that incident with the rice krispy bar. That would make me a little PIST too.

    Hope your night got better. I'll stop rambling on and on now. :)

  4. Jules...I actually asked them casually about moving one day recently and they are here for the long haul. :( sigh.

    Thanks, Zoe. It was a nice 2hr vegging period. Hope you had a chill evening as well.

    Wendy, you are so ghetto. ;) Poor Allison. I'm sure preschool just messed up her routine a little. (or is it her ear??) Anyways...hope today is better.

  5. Sorry that happened with the rice krispie--esp. after the past incident--certainly NOT something to joke about or take lightly--can't believe they look at it that way.

    Thanks for the link about the paper chain! :)


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