wednesday, I feel better just for spite*

James has a much simpler asthetic:

I found this 1949 Clue board (and some of the cards) at the Dig a while ago. I have it up on top of our entertainment center because I think it's really cool looking. James is, of course, now obsessed with all things CLUE and wants to play. How do you sweeten up a board game about murder? Colonel Mustard broke the Legos in the playroom with a lead pipe? I told him I'd find the rules online (because I forgot's been many Clueless years for me) and make up some new cards.
And for my final exciting photo, here are some lids I finally got up on my fridge. For a while there, about 10 years ago, I collected cute old lids. It was a hard collection to add to and I've since gotten rid of most of them. These two have stayed because they're awesome. I mean, come on, Raggedy Ann Ol' Fash'n Corn Relish?? I loved that stuff! (ha!) The A&W cap is jumbo, see it compared to a regular bottle cap? (could you figure that out yourself? I'm sorry.)


Ruby was up at 2am with a belly ache (gas) that kept her up for 30 minutes, me up for 120. Needless to say, I woke up crabby this morning. I am starting to feel better now, as a little time passes. Man, nothing like losing a chunck of REMs to screw up your mood. It is supposed to stay around the mid seventies today so that right there makes me really happy. I'm pretending that I didn't see that they changed tomorrow's forecast back to 79. (sigh.) Also making me happy? James has soccer practice tonight! Our friends started a small team and even though I was really late to sign up, he got to join. He'll get to see all his buddies from our playgroup that he doesn't see anymore because of school. Fun!

*Does anyone remember the song that my post title came from? Man, that old country music reminds me of my girlfriends and the bar. Good times back then. :)



  1. I'm probably wrong, but was that Mary Chapin Carpenter?

    Your CLUE board is way cool!

  2. those were the days...I got friends in low places....

    Hope you get a full night's sleep tonight.

    They make a Clue Jr where someone hid a toy and animal, and someone eats a piece of cake and drinks the milk or something like that..

  3. Holly...close! Lorri Morgan. :)

    And Jules, I had no idea about the clue jr., that sounds so cute.


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