3 years ago

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I am still sick so I have no new photos or anything much to tell you about. If I did have new photos they would be of Ruby sitting in her doll highchair in front of the TV for the 5th hour straight or of James eating his 3rd piece of plain cinnamon bread as an after school snack (store bought, naturally). Or maybe one of Patrick making me a grilled cheese that he knew I couldn't taste one bite of but really liked the idea of.

So, instead of having no picture, here is one from 3 years ago. I thought they were so flipping cute.

Still hoping tomorrow is the day I'll feel better. It's got to be one of those tomorrows, right? xoxo


  1. I hope you feel better today. Let me know if I can help.

    You are right they are so flipping cute! I love James smile.

  2. Adorable:) Hope you're feeling back to normal soon...


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