congratulations, heidi!

I just picked Heidi's name out of my trusty bucket as the winner of my Halloween banner. Congrats, Heidi! :) I will get that to you very soon.


My fingers are too cold to type and my blood pressure is so low my sister thinks I must be sleeping (96/60 at the dr. this morning...maybe all that contentment I was feeling last night was really because I am *this* close to slipping into a coma) so I won't be long here. We did hear a little heartbeat this morning and that was the best feeling. Yay for heartbeats!

Okay, I'm done. xoxoxoxoox
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  1. Heartbeats are awesome! Blood pressure is nice, too. Hope yours is on the rise to a nice healthy rate.


  2. haha, Erin. This cracked me up. Blood pressure is nice, isn't it?? ;)

  3. can I trade blood pressure with you??? try 142 / 92.... yum, now I'm hungry for tater tots...

  4. NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!! I seriously never win anything, this is the best news ever!!! Thanks Stephanie, we will cherish it!!! :)


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