finally finished these bad boys

I finally finished these flipping towels last night. I do like this new style, though. The white one is my favorite. $5 and one can be yours come Thanksgiving weekend. :)

Surprise! We are home today. My cold is up/down throughout the day so I hesitate to say I am feeling better today. I guess I'll say it, though, what the heck. Live a little, right? The pressure in my head seems somewhat less than yesterday and even though I can't taste a thing, I do feel slightly better. Maybe I'll be well enough to travel on Thursday. Hope so.

Other than that, not much new here. I have done a buttload of laundry (that's a lot, in case you weren't sure how much a buttload was) and finished the seasonal switch of all of our shoes, jackets & hats. I even got out the snow stuff because it doesn't seem so far fetched that we might need them in October this year. (as our friends in MN will tell us)

Off to pretend I can taste some lunch! xoxo
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