I am happy to say that I am finally feeling better. I am still stuffed up but overall feeling 90% better. I plan on taking it easy this week because my hope is to try for a trip to Duluth again on Thursday. That was 8 days sick because of a cold. I hadn't made the connection (typical of me) that maybe it was so bad because I am pregnant until a couple of friends mentioned that possibility to me. I guess my immune system is busy protecting that little one inside and I am left to fend for myself in the cold & germy world. Ugh. I wonder what I'll get next?? I do remember being sick during my other pregnancies, and sad that I couldn't take Dayquil, but I don't remember it ever being like this one. I feel like I understand a little bit better why pregnant women are encouraged to get their flu shots.

Anyways, let's forget about that, okay? (Only not the parts about Ruby being such a trouper, James praying for me, and Patrick coming home early almost every night. I'll keep those parts.)

I didn't get any crafting done after finishing those towels last week, until this past weekend. I finally got 3 dozen cookies cut out (need 1 dozen more) (note: do not try and sharpen your fabric scissors with a knife sharpener) and a bunch of cards done. The cards still need to be stamped and I will probably do that later today. This week was supposed to be my hot pad week but since I have make up work I switched it to banners. I love making those banners and they are pretty easy once everything is cut out. I am excited to make up some more binding tape, too. (am geek.)

Below is a picture of Ruby at the "family friendly" Haunted Trail put on by the Humane Society. I guess it's family friendly if you like your kids to see men in Jason masks walking around with large bloody knives. Oh, and lots of girls in cages with blood on them. ???? Yeah, I'm going to forget about that wasted $20 bucks, too. At least it's for a good cause but we will definitely not bring the kids there again. I thought they might be scarred for life but both have already forgotten it (or blocked it out). (another note: call & confirm what "family friendly" specifically means in the future)

Just a side note: Ruby has been riding in this mei tai for over 2 years now and we're both still comfortable with it. I know I won't want her body pushed against my belly for much longer though, and while she could ride on my back for a while, the end of wearing her is drawing near. (sniff) I have to say that wearing a new tiny one is one of the things I look most forward to. I love my ring sling but have these ideas in my head for a modified mei tai that I really want to try...I want to make more of a newborn sized one with a little pocket inside for those tiny curled up legs. xoxo
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  1. We almost went to that haunted thing since it's right down the road. I decided it was too much money and now I'm glad we skipped it!!
    Glad to hear that you are feeling better :)
    I miss the days of Ben riding in the Mei Tai.

  2. Goodness, I hope you do feel better! I have been sick since August and have had the added benefit of being able to sock myself out every night with Nyquill--I feel for you, girl!

  3. so happy you're better pumpkin, i love you,


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