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My aunt called me yesterday and wanted to know what the heck I'm thinking not blogging for so long. :) Just kidding, she just said she missed hearing from me and that was very nice. Thank you, Miss Kristy. xoxo

Never one to ignore a threat request, I decided to stop by and give you a little update. There's not much, trust me.

I started finally feeling better on Friday. Feeling better means I had more energy, didn't need a nap or go to bed at 7pm. Yay! I have felt good (still stuffed up but WHATEVER, can totally handle that!) ever since and am so thankful. Especially because James is sick now! His started with a fever Friday afternoon, fever on and off all day Saturday, no fever Sunday, slight cough throughout the weekend, and woke up this morning wheezing, coughing and gasping for breath with a 102 degree fever. Needless to say I threw him in the van and headed to the ER. (It was 5:30am) OF COURSE, within 15 minutes his fit stopped and he was breathing fine. Still went to ER and he checked out fine (just a virus, not H1N1 they don't think) and they were so nice to me even though I felt dumb. (should say that a girl in his class was out with H1N1 last week and I am considered high risk so I am taking it pretty seriously) He is on the couch and crabby and I hope he falls asleep soon. (I think Ruby does, too.) It's a bummer because this was supposed to be the week I could finally take Ruby to see some friends (after 2 weeks of all me all the time, pretty much) but that's life. I am so thankful that James was not sick while I was. So thankful.

Okay, so that's where we are, health wise. If I don't show up here again for the rest of the week it is because we are consumed with sickness or something. And really, I can't bear to speak of it anymore. :)

Moving on. Making bias tape (binding tape, really, as it's not cut on the bias) is time consuming but rewarding. And cheaper, for sure. Here's what I've got ahead of me:
Here is some that I finished. (a fave)
Here's James at the ER this morning. He's into the tic tac toe right now.
Here's me last night after Patrick sprayed me with the sink sprayer. Just because I put one tiny ice cube down his shirt. What a baby. Don't I look happy?

Here is when I tried to get a shot of the happy couple. (us) He practically broke my wrist but he did not get the camera like he tried to after this. HA!Oh, and yesterday was gorgeous. James' fever was gone but I didn't want him around his buddies (their last soccer game was yesterday) just in case (and I'm glad I kept him away, obviously) but he did feel up to getting out. We went for a short hike in New Glarus. Gorgeous.

And before I forget, a few things that made me feel really good recently:

  • gorgeous weather one day last was almost 70. Ruby and I were outside all morning and then napped in the afternoon. so nice.
  • the amazing golden maple leaves everywhere
  • some time by myself
  • making something really cute that I can't show you right now (but it's soooooo cute!)
  • baking day with Ruby (we made cookies, pie and bread one morning)
  • the white mocha I got on the way home this morning
  • our walk yesterday
  • some time at the park another day last week
  • nice words from others about James
  • being able to stay up until 10:30 (!!) to watch a movie and stamp on some cards
  • good library books (this one in particular)
  • tasting stuff when you haven't been able to for a while
  • speaking of the first drink of Coke, after a long time away from it, reminds me of Christmas
  • lunch with Patrick and Ruby on a rainy day last week (that chopped chicken bbq salad that panera is advertising really is goooooood.)
  • um, I have another tiny baby growing inside of me. happy sigh.


  1. It also makes me so happy that you have a little baby growing in you! I haven't talked to you in sooo long but I've been thinking of you and praying for your little nugget!!! I have a beautiful pic of you and Annie at her wedding on my board in my kitchen, so cute, so sad I missed it! Can't wait to see you all again!

  2. so glad you are feeling better Steph!!! Sorry to hear about James. Poor guy. Good to hear from you on here. I was missing you!


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