here we are at home!

A couple of weeks ago my mom sent us a care package and inside was a ton of vintage buttons and cashmere for me. How great is that? (thanks, mom!) The buttons were all separated by color in their own baggie and while this was handy in some ways, I really hated those baggies. (sorry, mom!) Yesterday Ruby had the time of her life emptying all those baggies full of buttons into a jar. Seriously. It kept her occupied for over an hour and then she spent the rest of the day playing with the buttons that I gave her. (teddy bears? come on, mom!)

James has early release today and Ruby's eyes are definitely better so I think we actually get to DO SOMETHING later on. Oh my. My heart is all a-fluttery just thinking about it.

One benefit of being home the last 2 days, and staying home on Saturday, is that I've gotten a lot of crafting done. I forgot to put a couple things on my MASTER CRAFTY LIST (as I shall refer to it from now on) so I added them in, effectively putting off the task I don't want to do this week...those darn dishtowels. (those are more work than they look like they would be) Here's what I've been up to:

pincushions: (sorry for the craptastic color in this pic)
vintage light bulb ornaments*:
lots of them:
and my wine sleeves (much cuter on an actual wine bottle but, HEY, I'm pregnant, remember??) :

*there's a story about these: Years ago my uncle Frank gave us all an ornament made out of an old Christmas bulb. I thought it was such a cute idea and have always kept mine. When I found some a while ago at the dig I scooped them up! I couldn't remember how he attached the hanging part (mine is packed away with my Christmas stuff) so this is what I came up with...some of my favorite vintage bias tape, ribbon & hot glue. I love them. :) James kept badgering me for one (I ended up giving him an orange one) and I told him, "No! These are like CASHOLA, baby." He looked at me strangely and walked away, probably thinking it was time for mama to put down the hot glue. xoxo


  1. You are truly inspiring me here! PS, visiting a local sewing machine shop here this morning to see what they have--I can't get that machine TODAY and I want it TODAY--tell me to hang in and wait for it!!!!

  2. GREAT work!!! You are moving now. You will have TONS of stuff for the fair.

  3. I LOVE the light bulb ornaments, so cute!


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