ruby's tuesday

Here are some pics from over the weekend when Ruby was being a "bad good guy." She is fairly ferocious in this role and should not be messed with.

We are home today, snug and dry albeit oozy and germ laden. It's a rainy day but there's lots of traffic in our quiet neighborhood because it's big garbage pick up day on Wednesday, when the city will pick up whatever you've got (within reason) that is above and beyond normal garbage type stuff, like furniture, and people are out on the prowl. I've been hauling stuff out to our pile all morning and tonight Patrick is going to put out our biggest ticket old treadmill. Hopefully someone will grab it before it gets too wet. I can guarantee it won't be there in the morning.

James is back at school today, his ears feeling 100% better. Ruby's eyes are a little better but she spiked a fever during the night and feels pretty crappy today. She is napping nice is that? (for both of us.)

I'm tired and looking forward to an early bedtime tonight. Dinner is already made and we might make some pink eye cookies after school. For our family only, of course. xoxo


  1. I have to know what pink eye cookies are? ;)
    Hope everyone is 100% soon!!!
    Take care.

  2. Poor Ruby with her red eyes! I hope she feels better soon.

    BTW piggie has a new name.... Ruby:) OK mostly she is still piggie, but today she called her Ruby and I thought that was cute.


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