three whole years (aka WIN FREE STUFF)

Three years ago this month (on the 11th, to be exact) I started this little blog. Things sure have changed since then! I used to talk about random things that made me happy, stuff I thrifted, recipes that sounded yummy, my kids, and how we spent our time. Ha! Remember how boring that was??

Oh...wait a minute.

Three years later things are pretty much the same over here. I started this blog because I thought blogs were cool and wanted one of my own. I thought it would be a great way to share pictures of the kids with my family and a fun way for me to record our days together. Along the way I have picked up a few readers...some I know now as friends, some who are still strangers to me (but say the sweetest things), some who I still don't know who they are (praying for goodies not baddies), some of my real life friends and, of course, my dear family. I never really expected a bunch of readers...what I write about is probably a snooze to most so to have anyone interested in reading what I write here is such a compliment. I don't blog because I think I am particularly special, or a great writer, I blog because I know our life, however mundane it is, is so special...just because we have it! It's all such a gift. I'm thankful for ALL of it and writing about it helps me really remember and appreciate the smallest things. I love looking back through my archives. Love it. I imagine it's the same as looking through a scrapbook or something.

With the dawn of Facebook (which I know happened a long time ago and I was pretty late to the party) there is another way to share this blog. I go back and forth about feeding these posts into my Facebook profile. I have received a lot of positive feedback over there and really appreciate that. I think most people understand what this is. I always worry that someone will think I share this because I think we're all so great over here. HA! Like I said, I do think our life is pretty great but it's not because of anything WE do. I thank God for all of it, folks. I also get a big kick out of sharing the hard stuff along with the fun stuff because I know how good it feels (because of my awesome friends) to hear about someone else in the same rough parenting waters that you're in. Or how their house is always messy and their kids never eat their dinner, either. Man, that helps. So, anyways.

I'd like to say a big thank you to all of you who stop by here and read about our days. Thank you for the support and fun comments. I really appreciate all of it and even though I would truly still blog if no one else read it, it sure is fun to have some company.

In celebration, I'd like to send a fabric Halloween banner like the one above (the pic shows about half of it) out to one VERY LUCKY winner. Please don't be shy! Leave a comment here or over on Facebook and I will choose one name on Monday morning. I'll happily send this anywhere, to anyone.



  1. you're so sweet. and you'll never know how much this blog means to me, as a far away gramma.
    love you, mama

  2. I want it, I want it!! I read daily :) and love it I must add! You are a great family and not only is it because of God it's because of you!!

    Big lovable hugs,

  3. Adorable! What a cute little banner. :)

    You're so crafty, it's always inspiring to read about your latest creation or find. :)

    Congrats on Three years!

  4. What no buttons???? :)):))))


  5. You're my favorite friend I met through blogging! That banner is adorable.

  6. Thank you, everyone! I wish I could make one for each of you. :) xo

  7. I've already been the recipient of some sweet stuff, so count me out, as some other adoring reader should have a chance at your handiwork. BUT, I must say, I have truly enjoyed coming here and "checking in". You write with such honesty and humor--how could I not be a regular reader! HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!

  8. Please drop my name in the hat too--I love your banners! And your blog! :)

    Your cute ghost candle header made me smile.

  9. add me to the list of blog lovers!

    i just found my xmas banner i got from you last year... love it!
    xxoo Naomi

  10. I don't know you but I do read your blog and I really love it. I love your sense of humor and view on the world. Happy blog-versary!

    (by the way, I'm not creepy - at least, the other people I blog-stalk don't think I am - ha ha ha, joking!)



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