weekend update

(coloring is hard work)
Tonight I am feeling so content. We were all, except James, sick all weekend and so there was lots of laying around and taking turns napping. It got to me a little yesterday afternoon but then Patrick went to get Culver's for dinner and we all sat on the couch and watched part of Cheaper by the Dozen (with Steve Martin) and that cheered me up immensely. There's something so cozy to me about all watching a movie or show together. We are just starting to do this now as the kids are both getting older and will sometimes watch something other than a cartoon. (Ruby more than James...he's loved MythBusters & Dirty Jobs for a while now) (and even though I think Mike Rowe is kind of hot I can hardly watch Dirty Jobs, it makes me want to puke almost every time.)

So yeah, Saturday ended on a good note. Saturday night, during the night, was lousy with illness related stuff but can be forgotten now as it is over. This morning I started out feeling a little better but
felt awful again by about 11am. I took a hot shower and a nap and decided we should just get out of the house for a while. We went to Target to get a new coffee pot first and since Ruby was sleeping when we arrived, just James & I went in. I hadn't spent any time alone with him in a while and it was so nice. It is so fun watching your kids grow up. I adore him. So Target was good.

We then headed to the mall to kill an hour before James' soccer game. Ruby had no interest in the play area (she's not feeling good, either) but there was a woman with a 10 week old baby boy next to us and she was all over that. She kept trying to peek under this woman's nursing cover up...it was pretty funny. (soon, dear Ruby, you will see more nursing action than you ever thought possible...) The woman was really nice and I enjoyed talking with her. She was telling me how she cried for over 6 hours when she found out her second child was also a boy. :( She really wanted a girl and says they are stopping at 2 kids. I told her to give it a couple years...she might be more willing to try again. :)

After the mall we went to James' soccer game. It was a freezing but sunny day and we had all bundled up so it felt pretty good to be out in it. It was good to be outside and see our friends a little. After the game we went to Noodles for dinner and by the time we were heading home, at 6:45, I felt ready for bed. So now it's 9 and I am finally getting there. (I decided to do just a little sewing after the kids went to bed.)

I finished 7 of my 12 dishtowels (shown below) for this week and have a good start on the other 5 (also shown below...partially finished...new design)...will probably finish them tomorrow. My goal for this week is to get lots of felt cookies cut out and as many cards done as I can handle. This will depend, of course, on how myself and the fam is feeling. We are also supposed to leave for Duluth on Thursday but I can cut cookies out there (and leave them to be beaded by my darling mother) as well as here.

So, to make a long story still pretty long, that is why I am feeling content. A weekend that could have been totally yucky ended up having so many really nice little moments. xoxo

I have a doctor appt. early tomorrow so I won't have anything new here until the afternoon when I will pop in and announce the WINNER of the banner! Thank you all for commenting...especially Teresa, a formerly unknown-to-me reader who assured me she is not creepy. :)


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