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I wanted to modify this baby hat pattern to fit a larger child, like Ruby. Okay, not a big deal. I already modified it once (smaller) and it worked brilliantly so I was all cheery starting out. I did my little calculations and carefully measured 1.5" out from the original pattern all around. I was feeling pretty clever when I took this first photo.

Hmmmmm. However, when I actually cut the fleece out it puzzled me a little. It looked rather large and helmet-like and not so cute & acorn-like like the original. BUT! I measured and calculated and should trust myself a little, I said to myself.

So, I sewed it together. And this is what I got:
Maybe it's my instincts I should trust and not my math?? After some hysterical laughter I realized that while the hat did need to be wider, it didn't necessarily need to be taller. Aha. A little shaping and back to the sewing machine:
Okay, still a bit big and pointy but getting better. Right??
After another round with the scissors and machine, this is what I got. Not exactly the cute & cuddly profile I was looking for.
At this point Ruby was requiring a fistful of mini marshmallows, instead of the original 3, to try the hat on and I was just plain tired of it all. (and almost out of marshmallows)

I may revisit this hat someday but probably not. There are many other hat patterns out there and there is ALWAYS Target. xoxoxo


  1. It's that "new" math - it will get you every time. I'm thinking I am going to have the same problem with a hat I am knitting right now BUT do I stop....No because it just might turn out. :)

  2. Thank you for the laugh! I am glad you are feeling better enough for some sewing.

  3. LOLOL I am sure it was frustrating, but sorry, it was hilarious.

    I have tried to resize a hat like that before. It.never.works.


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