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Ruby's self portrait with orange hair, a baby in her belly, and a penis.

A note James left for Patrick. It says, "I love bla bla dad" (garble) "bla bla dade (daddy)" (garble) bla bla read note

The bla bla comes from some joke they have between them. I have no idea.

James also started writing his second chapter book the other night. (His first was about race cars but didn't go past the cover art) This one is about a Bullettrain and an Evil Dart. He's hoping to fit it all into 4 chapters as that is how much he has room for. I'd take a picture of it but he brings it to school with him so it doesn't get wrecked.

I am seeing an explosion of reading over here and it is the coolest thing. James has been reading simple words and doing other early reading stuff for a long time but I never really did much about it based on some good advice from a favorite teacher I know. She said if he is really good at reading when he starts Kindergarten then he will be really bored, and a bored kid in their first school experience is not a really good thing. So of course we kept reading to him daily and answering any questions he might have but just kind of let him naturally do what he was doing and didn't offer much more information. So now at Kindergarten they are doing their Kindergarten stuff...studying the letters and their sounds and simple words and copying lots of words in little books...and it's like light bulbs are going off all over his brain. He is trying to read signs & words everywhere and getting soooo many of them right, big ones even like Cougar. (I know...he's a genius!) He is starting to have the confidence to try and write little notes like the one above (more than the I LOVE notes he's done in the past) and to write these books. I just love it so much. I think watching him start to read & spell words is one of the most exciting milestones for me as I love to read and I am just hoping and praying that he will, too. (even if it is books about monster trucks and hunting.) (yes, he brought a hunting book home from the library. nice.)

Whenever my kids sit down to color I always hope that they ask for a plain piece of paper. Ruby still likes to color Dora pictures a lot but more and more often she is going for the plain stuff. Seeing what comes out of their little brains is so awesome to me.

So, yes, I am really enjoying James as a kindergartner. I love seeing him learn this stuff, how careful he is with his homework (they have one small project every Monday night), how his teacher told me she knows he always does his best work. The social part of it is fascinating, too. He had a boy who was saying rude things to him a while back and it was kind of baffling at first, and made me angry, but we talked about how he should handle it and he handled it really well. (at just the same time the school counselor was coming into their room to talk about 9 different things they could try to solve problems really was perfect timing and the suggestions worked well for him.) I like to ask him, "Who did something you thought was really nice today?" and hearing what he says. This morning he looked at me and really seriously said he wasn't ready to get married yet. I said of course he wasn't, why would he even say that? Well, he said, Megan keeps saying she wants to marry him and when she found a penny on the bus yesterday (they bus them to another school for their gym, music & art classes) she gave it to him. Can you imagine?? :)

I don't like to write much about this kind of stuff (being all proud of him) because I always worry I sound like I'm bragging. I want to record this, though, as it's very exciting stuff and very special for me. I also believe that any other parent could share something equally exciting about their child, whether it's about reading or anything else. Every kid I know is amazing in their own way, and this whole process of them growing up is the most amazing thing of all. What a gift to be able to watch it.

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  1. I love your little guy. I feel like I haven't stopped by your blog in forever but I can totally relate to this first one. I love the blank paper too (Thank you Thank you THANK YOU for telling me about the big ole free box at the library!!!)

    I also laughed out loud that Megan tells James she wants to marry him. I'll tell her to slow her row. :)

  2. The little drawing from Ruby is so precious--and to see how she is combining her thoughts about James and your pregnancy are very telling!

    James has been off of coloring for some time now--before pre-school we set aside time everyday and now he just isn't into it. I wonder if that is because he is drawing at school? I don't know. When he does want to draw, more often than not I give James plain paper and then he asks me to draw something on it for him to color.

    You should feel totally right about documenting their achievements and lessons learned on the blog. I think we all wonder about blogging's permanence, but for now it is what is working to remember these important moments.

    Plus, I enjoy reading all of these things, so keep doing it!

  3. Wendy...NO, don't tell Megan. I don't want her to feel bad. James can work it out with her. Men need to learn to communicate. :)

    Allison, my James has totally gone through phases when he doesn't want to draw or color, too. I bet it is because they already did it at school.

  4. I loved these times in my own boys' lives, too. I remember perfectly the moment each of them began to read, and how my eyes welled up. It's a magical time, and good for you for documenting it. It's a cause for celebration!


  5. Doesn't feel like bragging to me. You have blogged about your love of reading, and now your little guy is starting to read too. How wonderful to watch that love of reading grow in someone else! You write about it so sweetly.


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