and something for the baby daddy

What man wouldn't love this card? I saw it somewhere online maybe a month or so ago and instantly went over and bought it from these St. Paul artists. I am saving it for Christmas or for a day when I think he needs to hear this particular message from me. (like if he breaks down and cries like a baby because he loves me so much.) HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.


p.s. I updated my own etsy shop today with some of my holiday scarves. Look here! :)


  1. Or when he starts balling because you have made the best Tater Tot hotdish ever. hahahahaha ;)

  2. It certainly evokes an old show I watched as a kid called the Grizzly Man, or something like that!!! I think you should pair the card with a red flannel one piece!

  3. Do you mean Grizzly Adams? I have always loved beards and flannels and wonder if it's from that show. (I watched it, too.)

    And Susan, that would be another fine opportunity. :)

  4. Yes! Grizzly Adams! Boy, would I like to meet him on a deserted mountainside . . .

  5. HAHAHHAHAHAHA...Allison, you just cracked me up!! You'd have to fight me for a turn. hehehehhehehehe.


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