buttons schmuttons

(Thanksgiving night, listening to Christmas songs on Pandora and
sewing cookies with Ruby on my lap)

Man, that Craftacular wiped me out. Today I have felt exhausted for most of the day and also have a small cold that is enough to make me feel even sorrier. (not for myself, just sorrier in general.) Luckily my mom and Patrick have been here so I could just be a sloth. I am feeling a little better right now but, shhhhhh, mustn't let on to that. :)

The Craftacular was great. I really had a good time and remembered why I liked being a part of it so much last year. It was lots of fun to have my mom with me and we sat by a couple of really nice sisters (not nuns, actual sisters) that were fun to talk with and got us slices at Ian's for lunch. I had really good sales and made a personal goal I had set...almost to the penny. You know how they say to "put something out there" when you want it to happen? Well, I did, but I put mine out there to God, just tacked it on to my morning prayer so He'd know what I was hoping for and why, and I made that mark, almost exactly. Now, do I think God gives us whatever we ask for? Of course not. Do I think that He does stuff like this for me (and for you) as a blessing and as a fun way to show He listens? Definitely. And I'm so thankful for it.

But then there were the buttons. Apparently God isn't into the buttons. I sold NOT ONE thing that had buttons on it. No magnets, no clips, no magnetic clips...NOTHING. Also a no go? My vintage bingo card magnets. Didn't sell a single one. (but did give some away to those that admired them, which was fun.) It was fun to see what sold well (a lot of the stuff that sold well last year and a some of my "new" items) and what wasn't so hot (buttons and oh yeah, my lollipop ornaments! no lollipop love, either.) (but I still like these things I made. no regrets. (but also, won't be making them again!)) Some really nice women I spoke with at another booth told me that every year you do shows your sales grow because you learn what works and what doesn't. I can see the truth in that and while I probably won't do this next year, it would be fun to test their theory. (one never knows...perhaps I will have a docile infant that loves to watch me craft??) HAHAHAHAHA! (I am not wonder woman like some I know. (cough, Naomi, cough) ) ;)

Okay, enough rambling for now. I have to put some socks in the dryer as James' sock cup is the opposite of running over and he can't wear his soccer socks again tomorrow.

Coming up this week! Cookie plans! Yay!


  1. Sounds like it was invigorating and exhausting at the same time. I am surprised about no one buying button items--they have been so cute! Congrats on making your goal!


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