clothespins R us

Today is all about clothespins. I finished the pins that will go along with a clothespin bag purchase (top picture) and am halfway through some memo holders (bottom picture). Those will go in bags for the first 50 customers at the Craftacular on the 28th and have a nifty little coupon attached. I'm tempted to stop at 25, and I may, but I may also plow through the other 25 this afternoon. I didn't do this last year so it will be fun to see how many of these get used. (I'm hoping that at least 50 20 of them do)

James is having a little buddy over after school and I am kind of excited to see how it goes. I'm pretty sure Ruby will be excluded so I have a couple ideas of things for her and I to do together. (example: she watches me glue buttons together, she watches tv while I glue buttons together) (hehehehehee)

xoxoxo and sorry about the crappy photos
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