do you ever

have this much laundry?

Patrick was out of town most of last week and we did really well without our 4th wheel. I got and kept the house clean (which it hadn't been in a while) because that really helps me feel calm in the midst of daily chaos...especially at the end of the day. We did some fun stuff, had some friends was all really good. The only thing I didn't do? Laundry. Not a bit. So, if you're a mother you know what 4 days of no laundry looks like. The photo above is just the tip of the cotton iceberg in our basement.

Ruby and I are home from doing some errands. A friend returned some baby gear I had forgotten I even gave her (exersaucer & bouncy seat) and added a few things of hers to the pile for us to use...a mini swing and bumbo seat. All of a sudden there is all this baby stuff around again! crazy. I don't really think we'll need anything else before the little one arrives. Oh yeah...a car seat. hehe. And a pack and play at some point, mainly to protect him from his siblings at certain times.

I'm not sure what is going on with me. Perhaps the pregnancy hormones are calming me way down? I feel like there's lots of stuff that I should be bothered about but am not. Like, where will this child sleep? Will James & Ruby share a room, or Ruby and the baby or James and the baby? I guess I know that at first he will sleep in our room so we'll have some time to figure it all out. I also think the nesting instinct might kick in during that last trimester, which is conveniently after the holidays. (if I turn into a psycho list maker/whip cracker, please remind me of this post)

Speaking of the holidays...Patrick will be off for 12 days. Ahhhhh. Love that. We'll be in Duluth for a couple of them (hahahahahahha!) but will have some time at home, too, which is always nice.

This reminds me of how James likes to stay home a good chunk of Saturdays now...he calls it Stay at Home Saturday. (how very clever of him, no?) ;) I did persuade him to venture out with me late last Saturday afternoon and we had a really nice time walking around on State Street a little and eating at Ian's Pizza. yum! I had the chicken alfredo slice. Don't be a hater if you've never tried it.

I know this is so random. I am still tired and trying to decide if I want to meet Patrick and hand off the kids this afternoon or if I just need to go to bed at 8pm. James is home with us tomorrow and we had talked about doing a little Christmas decorating. I'd like to start our long festive weekend out well rested, so I should just stay home.

(shakes head to clear the fog)

I will sign off now. I hope you are all sufficiently bored and have a good source of caffeine nearby to counteract the effects of this post. You're welcome.



  1. What do you mean "we'll be in Duluth for a few days"???? I'll settle for one week, nothing less! pleasepleaseplease????? I'll babysit............:) You guys can go out for Shamrock Pizza.......and by the way, no excited mention of the fact that your madre is coming to see you tomorrow....sigh. poor me, love anyway, your faithful mother

  2. every. damn. day. I'm starting to think we should be nudists!

  3. I did seven loads today!!! I vowed to put every basket away as soon as it came out of the dryer. It's nice to have it done.

  4. oh, do I know laundry... But it's such a sense of accomplishment when it's done!


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