my happy-baby-to-me present

Today I purchased my happy-baby-to-me present. I ordered a truck load of magazine subscriptions!! Woo hoo! I haven't had any since Ruby was born (they probably ran out when she was around a year) so this is very exciting for me.

I love magazines. I love books first but magazines are a close second. I can hardly stand the thought of going to bed at night if I don't have a book or a magazine to read when I get there. Sometimes it is only for 5 minutes but it's a favorite & necessary part of my daily routine. I rarely buy either (except as an occasional splurge), preferring to get them all from the library. (some libraries in our system let you check out current issues and they can all be put on hold online) The truth is, as much as I love them, lots of times magazines are disappointing (aside from US because gossip is always fun), and not worth their purchase price. So why did I just spend $60 on them?!?

Well, when I have a new baby, all bets are off. I deserve to be pampered a little and getting a new magazine in my mailbox could be just the lift I need to get through the afternoon. My ability to remember to put stuff on hold will diminish for a while and there will probably be some days that stopping by the library will even feel like too much. So, Yay!! I ordered Oprah, Everyday with Rachel Ray, Country Living, Body & Soul, and Family Fun. (I might slip a Real Simple in there if I can find a good price someday.) I also ordered Mental Floss for Patrick for Christmas (this is a really good, newish magazine that he really liked when I brought one home (from the library)...I'm so excited to surprise him.) and Boys Life for James. I used this site to search for deals and ended up getting 4 of them from Amazon and 3 from Right now Amazon has additional dollars off on lots of their subscriptions. You can see a list of them here. Overall I spent $62 for 7 subscriptions and have 2 gifts taken care of. Right now I'm going to order the kids each a pair of Hanna Andersson pajamas (also a splurge but the one thrifted pair of bottoms I got for James are his favorite. He said they're "soooo super soft.") and have 2 more gifts done. Fun. :)

p.s. The other great thing about magazines? Your friends (& mothers) love when you pass them on. :)

Other titles I might like, for future reference (or santa): US weekly , Every Day Food (the Martha one), Real Simple, and if it was free, Martha Stewart Living. xoxoxo


  1. please point me to the post where you announced your pregnancy? :) i can't believe i missed that...and any other hints along the way. i've been a bit offline lately, but am so happy about your news - congratulations! what is your due date?

  2. What a great way to indulge in those first months of permanent residence with Boppy- genius. Just wanted you to know that I read everyday, even if I don't comment (I zip through Bloglines and have been a louch at comments on any blog). xo from here!

  3. I love to read in bed every night as well and I am getting Real Simple so if you want I will pass it to you when I am done. (I also LOVE mags).

  4. Stephanie!!! I just got my Real Simple subscription for $5 from Amazon! Go visit my cousin Heather's blog (Just Heather on my blogroll) and then click on her Inexpensively link. She always posts great deals like it!

  5. Liz, I can't quite remember when I let it slip. But the first time I wrote about it was all in small letters so I'm not surprised you missed it. Lots of people did. I was being sneaky. :)


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