overheard this weekend

Ruby and I have been reading 101 Dalmatians over and over and over lately and this little rhyme has been stuck in our head...

S&R: With a yip and a yap and a yelp yelp yelp! Fifteen puppies need your help!
(it's catchy...try it!)


R: (immediately) It was an accident!
J: Ruby, you just say that so you don't get in trouble.
S&P: (laughing)
R: Stop laughing, Mom and Dad! Sassies!!!


(talking about baby names in the van after church)
S: Sam? Charlie? Abe? Luke? (all declined)
J: He needs a rock star name...like Spikes or something.
P: (quietly, from the front seat) Would it be wrong to call him Yaweh?*

S&R: (for the 100th time) With a yip and a yap and a yelp yelp yelp! Fifteen puppies need


P: I brought him in a little snack tray because all he had for dinner was that plain pasta with chicken at dinner.
S: I know. He's eaten basically that same meal there for the last 4 years, and never complained. He loves Noodles.
S&P: (silent for a moment, I tear up a little)
S: He's so sweet, isn't he? Little buddy.
P: yeah.
P: (a moment later) Of course, he did say he wanted to shoot 15 puppies.**

*He was totally kidding.
**He brought home another hunting book...this time Bowhunting...so that's been on his mind. I gasped when he said, "to be shot!" and asked him if he really wanted to shoot puppies. He said no...well, maybe just in the bum with a nerf gun.


  1. Sassies! Hahahaha!

    Rock star names vs. Yaweh---hmmm...that's a hard call.

    I love hearing conversations like that, so sweet and innocent (warn any puppies though of upcoming nerf blasts) and funny at the same time.

  2. Your children are the best!!!!! I love their stories!!!

    Ruby is hilarious! Calling you sassies!

  3. That is a catchy little phrase. Baby names are so tough. Too bad there isn't some place on this cute little blog of yours that we could all post baby names for you.

  4. ahh, the fun and frustration in picking the perfect baby name. I tried to name our dog "Spike" but surprisingly my boys wouldn't go for it. I think Spike would be a GREAT baby name! :)


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