remember this about ruby

I keep putting this off but know I shouldn't much longer. There are so many things Ruby is doing right now that I don't want to forget. The cute way they say stuff sometimes changes overnight and is gone from my brain almost as fast.

So, here is some stuff I (extra) love about Ruby right now:

how she says her underwear are "inside outside" instead of inside out
saying "wis one" or "wat one"
still crazy in love with my hair, says black is her favorite color (um, hello Ruby, it's CHESTNUT)
she says she can "easily" do almost anything
(ie: I can easily catch that bird)
how she will climb up behind me on the chair and pretty soon I will feel something rubbing on my back. I turn around and it is her bare bum. She thinks this is hilarious.

Okay, of course I am now forgetting the rest. I will add to this, I promise (myself.)


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  1. This is so good to do because, you're right, you will soon forget. And these little things make our little ones so uniquely them:) I always get a chuckle out of your pictures of Ruby's tucked in babies- Poppy does the same thing and I just love it! Totally thought about your blog when I posted the Raggedy Ann picture:)


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