thank you

Thank you all for the Poo love. That post was not easy to write but had been on my colon mind for so long that I just had to. You know, it was almost like an urge now that I think about it. Hmmmmm...

Anyways. Happy Sunday evening to you.

Saturday was a day set apart for me to have some time apart from my children. I started the day out with a little shopping, scoring a TRUCK LOAD of stuff at Old Navy (thank you Ann for that coupon!!) and returned home to a blissfully empty house ready to work on some crafty stuff.

And then the fun started. The jamming thread bungling sewing machine sort of fun that stopped me in my (shoddily sewn) tracks and moved me to assess the situation.

I set up a mock Craftacular table and saw that I am in pretty good shape. There are a few holes I need to fill with stuff still to be made (stuff that I want to work on...not inch thick hot pads that make me MAD) but overall I am doing just fine. Not pictured are a whole bunch of cookies and there will, of course, be more wine sleeves. (I need empties, local friends, maybe 5 or 6. Can anyone help??) I also have extras of a lot of the stuff shown. I'm going to paint the two white display pieces red, for a bit of pop, and iron my sheet tablecloth and I should be good to go. Oh, and signs of course but that can wait until the day before, when I will do this all again with my mother's help. :)

The children just finished their ice cream bars (I know, nice timing) so they are all sugared up and ready for bed.

Wish us luck!

Oh, I'm going to use my free morning hour tomorrow for crafty good so I won't be around here again until the afternoon sometime. (thus this special Sunday PM edition so you all know how much I love you and appreciate all your comments & congratulations and emails lately. xoxoxooxoxoxoox)

xoxo, officially

Oh, and one more thing, my ankles have started swelling up a bit in the evening. It's great!
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  1. If you are looking for empty wine bottles - I can help. I just polished off a wonderful Beaujolais!!
    When is the Crafty-tacular?? :)
    Cankles are a sure sign of a growing muffin. yay for baby! Just think, they'll make you more sturdy this winter. hehehe ;) jk

  2. OH no. I forgot they had a name. Cankles!!! oh, I hate them. :)

    The big day is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. the 28th, I think.

    Thanks for the bottle offer. Save a couple for me if you don't mind. Ann is too so I should have plenty. Thank you both!!

  3. Your table looks great!! I wish I could be down there to see you!!

  4. Thanks Jules & Zoe. :) I wish you could come too, Jolee. What do you want again??

  5. pretty much 1 of everything :)
    A christmas towel, some cookies, and I need to go back and figure out what else.


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