tuesday, pm edition

Here are a couple shots from, well, I bet you can figure out when they're from. James could care less about dressing up. He just wants the minimum costume required in order to get candy. It was pretty cold out and this power ranger suit was the roomiest thing in our play clothes, good for layering, so a power ranger he was! We have the belt and mask but he wasn't interested. Ruby wore James' skeleton from last year. Easy. The little witch is our buddy Megan. Her sister the turtle was interested in the photo op. They enjoyed handing out candy almost as much as collecting it...Ruby likes to give big handfuls.

Fun day today. It is my friend Susan's birthday (Happy Birthday, Susan!!) so we met up with her and some other friends for coffee & treats this morning. Then Ruby & I got groceries and then, surprise!, I got my H1N1 vaccine. I'm glad to have finally gotten one, now let's hope it works.

Time to go get the boy. Praying for a better afternoon than yesterday. Well, yesterday was really bad for a while but then turned out pretty good. I took some pictures...maybe for tomorrow? I just love when things turn around. Some time away (in his room) is usually what it takes to get James back on track. Why do I feel guilty for doing it then?? Ugh, parenthood. :) xoxo
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  1. Oh my goodness do I feel honored that you mentioned me in your blog. Thanks :)
    It was fun to meet up today. So good to see you and my new BFF. tee hee hee I can't believe how grown up Ruby is. She's a such a beautiful girl.

  2. Yes, Susan, today was fun. And Ruby is deeply in love with you now. :) (my mom is going to be so jealous...)


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