23 weeks

I don't have much to say about being 23 weeks pregnant, I just didn't have any other pictures or titles for today. :) I'm thrilled of course and I am very happy that I feel this little boy every day, usually in the morning and evening while I'm lying down. (my placenta is in the front so that blocks most movements of one this tiny.)

Ruby and I survived yesterday and actually had a nice day. (until 6:30 when I stormed out to go to the library and told them that they had drained my energy so much (by being wild savages) that if the living room wasn't picked up when I got home (thus restoring my energy) I didn't think I'd be able to read them any books before bed. It was all picked up.) Today we are headed to the mall for a while to meet up with a friend to discuss birthday plans. James and her son are sharing a party so we need to figure out who's going to buy what and all that. I am looking forward to a coffee from Gloria Jeans.

Other fun news: Last week the giving tree at our local bank had tons of kids names on it...what I thought was a lot for our town of around 1200 or so, anyways. I stopped back in there yesterday and there were only 4 names left!! Yay! That was really neat to see. I mean, I feel bad for those 4 but woo hoo! for all the rest. Just kidding. The teller said she was certain they would all get picked off of there and that some people had donated cash for shopping so they'd get gifts no matter what.

I have to go get ready now. I finally updated my link list to include some new friends I've made...check them out! Happy Friday. xoxoxo
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  1. well, he looks just about perfect!

    (thanks for the blogging tips AND the spot on the link list! I feel so honored!!)

  2. oh honey, he has james' forehead dosen't he? i can't believe we get to see him! he looks so cute.... our little (other) buddy....... glad to hear you're all hanging in there, so ruby must be feeling a little better, hmmm? oh yeah, MY FLIPPIN NEW FLOORS ARE FABULOUS! your brother and erin are something else.....we've gotten so much done in such a short time, and i'm just so happy and grateful i could pop :) (like annie does) hee-hee. i read a line in a book recently about someone having a walk-in fireplace.........hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i liked that. ok, talk to you later, love you all, the mama/gramma

  3. I think that's a GREAT picture. :)

  4. Your little guy is perfect, naturally :)

    -Lindsey :)

  5. What a handsome little profile:)


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