busy busy busy (but happy happy happy)

I am busy cleaning and rearranging our living room today in hopes of getting a tree this weekend and the rest of our decorating done. Above are some of my favorite ornaments. Don't you just love getting out your ornaments every year? I sure do. I packed up most of my "sewing corner" in the living room so there will be plenty of room for a tree without feeling crowded. Now it just needs to be hauled downstairs. Patrick??

I have also gotten James' party invites out to his classmates (with his help), got a good start on my Christmas cards (but not mailing for a while so no one thinks I'm some freak), and have ordered a bunch of gifts. It's been a nice week...we've been home every day and it's been good. Ruby has been painting up a STORM, realized she does not like candy canes and happily does like Christmas carols. (good thing or there would have been trouble between us.)

I want to get some cookies baked on Friday for the freezer (to bring up North at Christmas) and will share the recipe here in case anyone is interested. I get so many hits from the milk & egg free sugar cookie recipe I posted a couple years ago. Lots of vegans and allergy sufferers out there! That reminds me I still have to tell you about a really good cookbook I just got. Maybe tomorrow.



  1. I would love the recipe for the cookies! I think I have a 1:1 substitution for wheat flour.

  2. Ooh, I am itching to get out our ornaments, especially the ones I made last year, one with an imprint of James' hand, and one with an imprint of Ella's foot! I love your cherries--did you show them to us last year? Well, anyhow--I feel like I remember them!


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