Christmas goodies

This year I decided to make a trio of goodies to give to some of the people on our list. I made this caramel corn, this peppermint bark*, and of course, these pretzel turtles**.
I got these paper lunch bags at Target, (40 for 1.92...brown ones are just as cute but I was feeling wild this year) filled them up and sewed them shut. Ready to be delivered!
And because I like when other people do is my "behind the scenes" shot.

Magic like this doesn't just happen, folks. ;) heehee

Any recipes you want to share?

*I also added a bottom layer of melted milk chocolate chips and added 1/2 t peppermint extract to each layer

**I always drizzle these with melted white chocolate and sprinkle...they look a lot more festive that way



  1. That is super clever to sew up the bag! I am so doing that and giving you ALL the credit!

  2. That looks like a very yummy trio!!! So crafty :)

  3. ok, that caramel corn is so going to be produced in my kitchen. Looks fab! And, I can't stop thinking about your little sewn paper bags. What a clever idea! I just got my great grandmother's sewing machine, and if I ever figure out if it works and how to use it, I'm totally stealing that idea.

  4. thanks guys. :) Sewing on stuff besides fabric can be careful.

  5. sewing the bags is brilliant (i'm finding you brilliant in all my comments today, aren't i?). i'm stealing it as well. :)

  6. I'm making caramel corn right now! I added almonds and cranberries- it's my first time so we'll see how it tastes. It certainly smells good. I also made chocolate crinkle cookies for the first time this year- DANGEROUS. Maybe even blog-worthy:)

  7. I'll take brilliant, Liz. ;)

    Holly...cranberries and almonds!!! Brilliant!!!


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