He added a fireplace. Of course he did. It's perfect, no?

I wish I had the energy to gather up photos of all the creative stuff my Dad has made over the years...a lot of it is in my own house. Even more in my memory...from the gift wrapped in carpet Baby Beans doll I got for my first birthday to the carpeted walls in our basement (and his van!) to the pieced together Thunderbird logo rug to the soldered metal art to the multitudes of Thunderbirds & Amphicars & one-of-a-kind vehicles he's Dad can do anything. And he does it all beautifully. xoxoxo

(James is hollering for cereal or I'd come up with more...they are right on the tip of my brain!)


  1. What a lucky girl Ruby is!
    And what a blessed daughter you are to have such a dad!

  2. It is completely adorable. I love the fireplace!!! :)

  3. Dad's are awesome--and the ones that can make things with their own two hands have a special place in my heart. Some of the things I remember my Dad making for me? A stick horse with real carved wooden head and leather ears; doll crib; red barn with a lift-off cedar shingle top; wooden heart with my name carved in it that hung over my bed . . . so many things. That Ruby is a lucky girl!

  4. Do you still have that stuff, Allison? Your kids would love it. :) Thank you, all...

  5. You know, this is all going right to my head...

  6. ah....excuse me, stephanie has a mother, too. I may not make keep-sake type things, but I did clean out her fridge the last time I visited. Tom's getting all the attention......sigh.
    By the way, I do have two fractured/and or severly bruised ribs from the fall I took at your house on Thanksgiving. Why don't you tell all your friends in blog-land what your initial reaction was to that, hmmmm?
    signed, your long-suffering mama


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