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Neelone and I were just going to do self-serve buckets of goodies for the kids to pick from on their way out of the party but decided it might be too chaotic or provoke fistfights. ("I wanted the YODA notebook!!") So these inexpensive & cute lunch bags came to the rescue again. Red for girls, blue for boys...we're going to have 40+ kids there on Sunday. Ruby loved helping me put these together this morning even though it was awfully hard for her not to break into the shiny new cupcake chapsticks. I need a few more to have on hand for anyone who shows up without RSVPing but I think we're almost set.

A week or so ago I saw Hillary, of the lovely Wee Wonderfuls, post about making Shrinky Dink ornaments with her son. I loved the idea and was happy to find the plain Shrinky Dink (not the actual brand but that's how everyone knows what I mean) paper at JoAnn's on Saturday. It was $5 for 6 sheets and I had a handy 40% off coupon so it was a great deal. Sadly, the children lost interest pretty quickly as I made the mistake of letting on to them how much I wanted them to color on the "special" paper. Yesterday my sister said I should just have them out on the table, ready to go, so they can do one whenever they like and I think that is a brilliant idea.

Anyways, here is one from each of them. I love them. They bake up in about 4 minutes.
Actual size of mine...the original piece of paper was about 4x bigger. (I used a pint glass to trace my circles)
Here is the laptop on the kitchen table...this makes me very happy!
An old cardboard nativity I found at the dig this summer. I love it.
And just a couple shots of the living room. I didn't put nearly all my decorations up this year but am feeling happy with what we do have. I especially like this corner because for months it was piled high with my sewing stuff. The shelves are still full of my stuff but the rest of it is packed away downstairs for the time being.
and the other side of the room:

other good stuff:

-I get to go get my hair cut tonight.
-Late yesterday afternoon I was laying face down on my bed (taking a moment, not thinking of ending it all) when Ruby came in and crawled up next to me. She patted my head and asked if I was praying. I wasn't but she made me realize that I should have been. Thanks for that little reminder, Lord.
-James is back at school today. His eyes stayed puffy most of the day but the hives only came back once and only in the crook of his elbow. He was clear again this morning (eyes, too) so I'm hoping he has a non-itchy day at school.
-Only 8 more days until we head up to Duluth for Christmas! I am really excited to see my family and friends and looking forward to visiting some of our favorite spots. I am really looking forward to all the time with Patrick. xoxo

Alright, gots to go. xoxo


  1. shrinky dink ornaments - BRILLIANT!!! i may have to steal the idea, but i promise to give you credit if i blog about it. :)

  2. Okay, I hope you don't think I'm stalking you with all these comments but I had to say- those sweet little moments (like the praying question) almost make up for all of the not so sweet three-year-old moments. ALMOST:)

  3. Liz, thanks but it wasn't my idea! :) They are really'll have to post them if you do it.

    Holly, you are totally a stalker. heehee. You're right about your comment...thank GOD for those moments and that they are so cute. :)

  4. Your house looks cozy! My boys call my nativity the "wize guyz".


  5. I am SO headed out to get some Shrinky Dink! (There's a pretty obvious pun in there somewhere, isn't there?) Love that nativity scene!


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