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WEll, after YEARS of waiting, Patrick finally has our wireless connection up and running. Yes, I am at the kitchen table with a lap top! How odd. Of course, it's an old lap top and my pictures just crashed the system so no pics right now. I'm too lazy to go up stairs. :)

My weekend was very nice. I hope yours was. Was it?

Patrick encouraged me to take some time to myself on Saturday and I did. I had called our babysitter earlier in the week and she never returned my call (bye, bye, girl!) so I spent the first hour I was gone kind of sad and missing Patrick. I always like to have at least one date with him at this time of year...just to sit together and enjoy the busy-ness around us. sniffle. my bunny. Anyways, I decided to have lunch at Pizza Hut (olive garden was packed) and it was very nice and cheered me up. The pasta dish I tried was not very good but I had a nice sunny spot, a nice waitress, and cute kids that were not loud or my own around me to eavesdrop on. I sat there and very nearly finished my Christmas cards after I ate my lunch. I hit Kohl's (a zoo!), 2 thrift stores (scored big!), Target (I am so sick of Target), JoAnns...it was a good day after all. I got everything checked off my list and that felt GOOD.

That night James woke up at 1am with hives covering his body. They were everywhere. Patrick said he had given them a bubble bath with some kids Method shampoo/body wash we've been using and we figured that must have been it. ?? He hadn't eaten anything else different at all. So he gave him a shower, I slathered him in Eucerin and gave him a dose of Benadryl, and he was off to bed again. (with us, of course.

Yesterday the hives came and went all day. My friend and I had to finish shopping for the birthday party next weekend (James & Zach are sharing a party) so James stayed and played with Zach while we were gone. They played outside and I think the sweating in his snow clothes was not good for his poor skin. He looked HORRIBLE last night when he went to bed. I had gotten hydro-cortisone for him and that just made it worse.

He woke up this morning with a clear body, which was unbelievable, but a swollen face? I kept him home today for observation and am waiting for our allergist to call back. I gave him Benadryl again but his eyes are still puffy. How odd.

Anyways, that's it for now. An update, nothing more. :) Have a good Monday and don't stress out because Christmas is next week. Just let some stuff go...it really feels good. :) xoxo


  1. I totally owe you and Patrick a date over the holidays . . . just let me know when!! Can't wait to hear about your thrifting scores, I need to thrift!!!

  2. So... where do you thrift when you come to Duluth? Tell me, tell me, where should I go... =0)

  3. Oh Poor James!! Hives like that suck! I hope he is doing better and you can figure out what's going on.

    Tell him we'll be praying for him over here.

    By the way, I love those winter pictures. Beautiful!

  4. Heidi - thank you but I feel like I owe you!! we should trade soon.

    Kathy - I'll ask my mom but I think the Goodwill down on Mesaba and the Salvation Army in the West End. :)

    Thanks Jules.

  5. Ha- I remember thinking (and blogging) it should be illegal to surf the net IN BED! Going wireless felt so decadent then, now if it goes out or I'm forced to use the desktop for some reason- it feels like I'm back in the stone age. We're so spoiled:)

    I hope james gets better quickly:(

  6. I haven't had mine on the bed yet. I might have to do that now...


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