I really want to go on and on about myself

but my dear seester requested pics of James' party. sigh. ALRIGHT.

First though, I have to show you his concert on Friday. Can you see him there? And Wendy's hand? :)

Ruby fell asleep about 15 minutes into it. Good thing Patrick was there to tote her heavy butt around.James himself checked out at about the halfway point. He just stood there with his hands in his pocket and a dazed look on his face.
He perked up a little for the after party. (and the cookie)
Okay, here it is...the party!! Right after I sent out the invite my friend Neelone asked if James would consider sharing the party with his buddy Zach. James was happy to and it worked out so well. Neelone and I did the shopping & planning (and paying!) together and it made it a lot more fun. This place is huge, too, so it was good to see lots of kids get to use it on Sunday. James had a blast. He's never had a friend party before (well...when he was 3, I think...and otherwise it's been family or taking one friend for a special outing) so he was amazed at the PRESENTS. That was fun. He loved everything he got and it didn't feel as overwhelming as I thought it might.
Basically it's a huge room with lots of padding and stuff to climb on. The kids can just go wild.
And the dads.

James was soooooo excited about the air hockey. He loves air hockey.
We ordered one sheet cake and I made one James safe cake and they were decorated pretty much the same. The Bakugan idea was Neelone's...I though it looked really cool.

Discussing their approach?
Happy Birthday, little buddy. (it was actually 2 weeks ago)
It was super fun and I was super glad when it was over. That meant I could go back to reading Under the Dome. I lost almost the entire weekend to that book but it was a good one. I haven't read Stephen King in years and almost put it down at first...so glad I didn't.

Oops! Snuck a little in there about myself. xoxo


  1. Thanks!!! That place looks awesome, great idea. He's so cute... so is your husband. :) No pictures of my seester though...:( hee hee
    CAN'T WAIT to see you guys!! XOXOXO


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