my dad is amazing

My Dad wanted ideas for what to get Ruby for Christmas. I really wanted her to have a dollhouse but the really nice ones are sooooo much money. Both my mom and my sister said I should just ask Grandpa to build one for her but I thought it seemed like a lot to ask. Yesterday morning I threw caution to the wind and replied (by 10am, CST, per his request) with a link to the above house from I said this was one I liked and did he think he could build something like it for Ruby?? A few minutes later I got his positive response. I was so excited!! Now, just a few minutes ago, he sent me this picture.
HOLY CRAP. That man works fast. (windows are going in tomorrow) Quick! Help me think of what else I should ask him to build for me! :)

Ruby is going to be beside herself. It is GORGEOUS, Dad, and she will give it to her babies someday. xoxoxoox


  1. OMG Stephanie that is AWESOME!!! Your dad ROCKS!!!! He does work fast!!! Holy Moly!!! He'll be done with that so fast he'll have plenty of time to whittle out a little family of FIVE for the house!! :)

    Hope you guys had a nice shopping trip to Target. You know as soon as you told me that you guys were heading there I totally thought of your Target Poo blog. :) Hahaha!!

  2. wow. I was recently listening to NPR and the show was about best gifts ever received. This TOTALLY qualifies. Handmade, personal. I'm so impressed! Ruby is very lucky!

  3. Can I come over and play with Ruby? I'll bring a little quilt...

  4. Wendy, Ruby totally had a Target Poo moment at Learning Express at the mall yesterday. :)

    I'm glad you all like it as much as I do. I'm so glad I asked my expectations even though I know how talented he is. And Kari...a quilt is SUCH a good idea!! I got her a bedroom set and the bunks might need mini quilts. :)

  5. Just spectacular, and no doubt, built to last =)


  6. Wow- she is so fortunate to have such a talented Grandpa! And yes, no doubt that will be around for many generations:)

  7. Nice work always. She'll love it.


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