my mother is amazing, too

Hey you guys! I never told you about how when my mom was here at Thanksgiving she spent one whole morning cleaning our disgusting refrigerator! She did! And even though she slacked off on the microwave this time, we totally forgave her because the fridge was such a mess. And then she fell down my stairs Monday morning, making this horrible noise when she landed, a noise I will never be able to fully erase from my mom-ory, and the first thing I thought was, "She's staying longer." HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. And it wasn't a negative thought, just the realization that I'd have to keep talking to someone all day long.

And then, 38 years ago, she gave birth to me!! She did! She is pretty creative and likes to start lots of projects but doesn't usually finish them. Luckily, she finished me (and my brother and sister!) and look how I turned out! My mom sure can grow those kids. (and push them out of her vagina, as she likes to remind us.)

So, while my Dad might make lots of things that last forever, my mom does, too! Well, maybe not forever, but I'm hoping to hit 90.

Thanks, MOM!!!!!! (okay, dear readers, lets hear some MOM love so she will pipe down a little.)

The picture above is just from this morning. Ruby is a rolo-unwrapping pro. For reals. And the morning was nice but now she is making me S-I-C-K.

And all that crap I like to say about slacking off on my parenting?? What a load. No, 3 year olds are hard. James almost killed me when he was 3 and Ruby? Ruby is even MORE 3 than he was if that's possible. So add her three-ness to my pregnant-ness and OH MY GOD.

And I feel guilty saying that because lots of times she is my little ray of ruby with the softest bum in the world but, well, lots of times SHE ISN'T.

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