oh what a night

Ruby also has a cold and it's making her a little tired. She passed out in her room immediately after her bath last night, little dear. HA! No, it was really all good...the house was so quiet the rest of the evening. She woke up at 10:00 for a snack (she missed dinner) and crawled in our bed with us and fell right back to sleep. Until she woke up around 3am from a sneezing (snot filled) fit that kept us both up until around 4:00 or so. (she sneezed soooooo many times.) Then at around 6am? She peed OUR bed.

Needless to say, I am tired. I didn't much like the look of her this morning but her charming ways won me over after a half hour or so. I did decide that we are heading out for the day. I will either A) pass out or B) lock her in her room if I have to stay here all day. It's kind of gray and gloomy and my house is very cozy...which is not a good thing today when I must stay awake.

We did some decorating yesterday afternoon, after a nearly hour long game of Battleship that James admitted he cheated on (I just moved it once!, he said), and the kids had so much fun. James said he loves Christmas decorating. xoxoxo Then Wendy said she has a 6 ft artificial tree we can borrow so we won't have to buy one. Awesome. I'll just get some real pine boughs for the smell. (Also, my Yankee Candle in Pine something-or-other scent is so delicious and REAL smelling. Those Yankees are good.)

Alright. I have to go comb Ruby's hair. Wish me luck! xoxo
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  1. poor baby.......ruby, not you (heh-heh) well, ok, you too:)
    i hope you two enjoy the day and that ruby feels better soon. love you all, gramma
    good job on the decorating...i hope i can put my tree up on sat. thomas and anthony are there today putting in my new floors!

  2. I think our night was a lot alike! I can't wait to turn in tonight, four hours of sleep makes for a very cranky me. Hope you had fun out and about!


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