wow, it's almost over

Our trip AND the whole year. Crazy. No time for deep reflections as we are still on Christmas vacation. I'm pretty sure we are heading home tomorrow and I can't tell you how happy that makes me. We had a really good time but I got totally overwhelmed on about day number 4 of festivities. A good cry and a nap helped me through it but it just felt like A LOT this year. I always love seeing my family but Patrick's family lives here, too, and while they are not a close knit clan, I always feel a sense of responsibility to spend time with them. (I've gotten over this during other times of the year that we are here but it feels different at Christmas, you know?) So anyways. I'm pooped. We have had lots of fun and part of me still wishes I could stay and see just a few more friends. (you know who you are...xoxo)

I wish I could say that I'd find the time to record it all but I think we all know that won't happen. Some of my favorite things: the nice drive up here ( husband is so funny), being around Patrick a lot for the last week, seeing my sisters and brothers (it's like my parents have 6 of us kids now...), Christmas Eve at my mom's and Christmas Day at my dad's, seeing what the 50mph winds did to the lake on Christmas Day (amazing. like nothing I've seen before. no good pics because I was getting splashed!), seeing all my other family at Kristy's...

Well, my time is up. My kids just discovered where I was hiding and want a little attention. Did I mention I'd like to go home now? :)



  1. I know where you are coming from--this was the first year that we didn't have to travel for Christmas--but it was still a bit overwhelming, and I'm not even pregnant! There's no place like home. Click your heels together and soon you'll be there!


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