While I baked,

she played "water stand", a self-created game where she sells bowls of water to me at a fair price, which then morphed into bath time for her baby.Then she played with the "widdwe wod Jesus".
Then she helped me bake. Then she played trains,
and then "cleaned" the bathroom. (that is vinegar in that spray bottle, don't freak out, mom)
Then she gave all her babies Christmas gifts.
Then I realized that baking banana oat muffins, cranberry orange bread, and a vanilla layer cake left me with this....
well, and these...

but then also this, a little girl who was suddenly bored:So I let her do this,
while I cleaned the kitchen.

Then James got home and all heck broke loose for a while. Then she was in her room for a long time, she calmed down, we had dinner, Patrick got home, Patrick taught James how to play poker (?) and they thankfully went to bed. I was pooped.

James had a very good birthday. He didn't want any more cake, though, so now I have a vanilla layer cake, 4 dozen buckeyes, and a pan of cranberry orange bread in the freezer. That is a nice feeling.

Tomorrow, or maybe later, NO TOFU LEFT BEHIND.

Oh, and thank you for the birthday wishes for my sweet boy and also for encouraging me to trust my instincts. I will. Thank you.



  1. You are superwoman!!!! Nice job on all the baking!!! Everything sounds delicious!!
    Good talking to you today. We made the cocoa and it was heavenly!!!

  2. a) I'll be right over for some cake

    b) why the heck do the kids have to stand so darn close to the boob tube? I swear they must receive the subliminal messages better that way

    c) Happy belated to James! I'm still in la la box land, so haven't checked in much.

  3. Holy baking batwoman!!! Everything sounds yummy - I wish I could pluck that muffin right out of Ruby's cute little hand. It looks D-licious :)


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