Friday, January 30, 2009

angels in a 4wd

dsc03620, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

I took the kids to mckee farms yesterday as it was fairly warm outside. (23 degrees) (but really windy) We hung in there for about an hour and had a nice time. I decided to drive out of the unplowed parking lot on the opposite side of where I came in. It looked snowy but not that snowy. I was wrong. We got stuck, really stuck.

I called Patrick and he left work to come and help us. A minute later I saw this parks truck heading around the shelter and waved at them. They did a u-turn and came back to see what the heck I was up to. They pulled up shaking their heads and laughing, but in a friendly way.

It took both of them, 2 big manly men, pushing (hard) and lots of driving back and forth to get me out. They made me promise not to do that again, reminded me that my van is not a 4wd (duh!) (I almost had it!), and went back to work. I had tried to call off Patrick but his phone wasn't working so the kids and I waited until he arrived. He just saw us there, on the side of the road, not stuck, and gave me his special smile. He said he was afraid that might happen but was glad we were out.

The End.

(more pictures here)


Have a happy weekend, everyone! We are going sledding tomorrow as it's going to hit 30 degrees! woo hoo! rock on, winter!

(that last part is overkill but I'm trying here, folks)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

after haircut: 2 yrs, 5 yrs

after haircut: 2 yrs, 5 yrs, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

are you happy now, mother?

I am. :) xoxo
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sometimes you just need a frosted layer cake

before they blew out the candles we sang...

happy wednesday to us
happy wednesday to us
happy wednesday dear family,
happy wednesday to us!

(this post is just a little sickening, isn't it? it wasn't this corny in real life. there was no hand holding or teary eyed expressions of love. just cake and 2 kids thrilled to be blowing out some candles for no particular reason.)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

james & jillian

James got so hot yesterday while we were working out that he had to strip down. I actually took this picture after we had finished the phase 2 workout (first time I did phase 2...liked it a lot and there are good modifications for the killer plank stuff) and I had collapsed onto the sofa. He started phase 3 by himself but quit shortly after this. :)

Right now I'm trying to decide whether I should get out of my cozy flannel lounge pants, pack the kids up, drop them off with Patrick, and go get groceries. Okay, just decided. Even typing all of that out made me tired so I guess the groceries can wait one more day. Tonight will be pancakes & bacon for supper! I did buy a nice roast last night but am not cooking another expensive cut of meat without a good thermometer. Must get one tomorrow.

I have had a list of good things thumping around in my head the last day or so. I want to get them out because...well, because it makes them even better.

*making valentines
*James hasn't complained about school much at all for the last couple weeks
*spending last saturday with patrick. we really had a wonderful day and loved having Kelsey come at 2:30 in the afternoon...we actually got to be out together when we weren't dead tired. awesome.
*my dear cousin Sarah is coming valentine's weekend
*having creamer again this morning after not having it for 2 days
*lots of good magazines from the library and the new John Grisham book (might start tonight)
*patrick moving his gaming computer up to our bedroom. I've missed him and this is so much better.
*starting to think about & fill in fun weekend stuff for the upcoming months. want to see friends & family, gas is cheap so now is a good time. (mom, please paint your living room so you can be added to the list.) (I know that sounds harsh but there is a back story here, trust me) ;)
*pancakes & bacon for dinner!

What's on your good stuff list this week?? I'd love to hear.

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his passion is fashion

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ruby's tuesday

(yesterday at the drive through)

S: I'll have a tall white mocha, please.
R: (shouting from the back) And I'll have a big pink one!

Monday, January 26, 2009

10 things that have almost made me cry today

~thinking about James at all day kindergarten next year and how his childhood is as good as over

~reading this article

~listening to brandi carlile in the van. hear her here. thank you erin & thomas for recommending her to me, you were right!

~realizing I had leftovers for lunch (for all of us!)

~hearing a friend mention a big event for her child this week

~Jillian Michaels

~watching my kids play

~watching my kids fight

~ruby not napping

~a sweet email


Well, here we are beginning another week. I'm happy as I don't have much planned this week and that feels good after a busy one like last one. I am getting together with a friend tomorrow to talk about our kids' peanut allergies & school next year. (Wendy's daughter Megan, who goes to preschool with James, has a peanut allergy, too.) We're going to make a list of questions we have and then go together to meet with someone at the school. Good idea, huh? It was hers.

Speaking of allergies...we had dinner at Hubbard Ave. last night after church. We made sure James' meal was safe for him but when my food came he wanted a piece of the plain french bread. I told him sure as I was almost certain it was safe (we had checked on it a long time ago and if it did happen to have a minute amount of milk or egg I wasn't worried about it.) He furrowed his brow and said he'd wait. A minute later he flagged our waitress down and asked if the bread had any milk, egg or peanut in it. She said she'd check and came back in a minute to tell him it did not. He thanked her, smiled at me, and said he'd eat it now. I was so proud of him. It was a good reminder for me that I need to always be as careful as I should be. He is really paying attention and developing his own excellent habits that I don't want to screw up. my little buddy. xoxo

The first couple of photos are from dinner last night and then there is a shot of James' new shoes. There is a whole story behind them but I'll condense it to this: we were so happy to find him some! He loves them. The last shot is something I'm working on that is really fun...sewing on card stock! I've always wanted to try this although I couldn't really tell you why...I guess I think it looks cool. (I'd show you but they are valentines.)

Ruby and I hit the thrift stores this morning as I didn't go all weekend. (I know...can you believe it?) She was creepy at the first one but really good at the dig. I didn't get much there but we did see our buddies. :) Now it's (past) lunch time and then we're going to work on valentine's stuff some more. Have a good afternoon! Maybe later I'll tell you about The Wrestler and how freaking depressing it is!! (but good.) (but really depressing) (unless you're patrick and have no emotions) xoxo

Sunday, January 25, 2009

it IS a better bag

A while back I bought the lunch size Better Bag at Whole Foods for $.79...I love it! It's really a perfect size for a small every day tote. You know the small paper shopping bag you'd get at Bath & BodyWorks or somewhere, like if you bought a few bottles of lotion...that size? I love those bags and tend to re-use them over and over until they tear. This bag is only slightly bigger and will last a WHOLE lot longer. (ha, get it? :) They're cute, too.

(this was not a paid endorsement)

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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Looks cute, right? (not talking about the toy strewn living room)

Oh no, mother.I said NOOOOOOOO!
Okay, that's better.
James next to the birthday boy!

These pictures pretty much sum up our day. Getting ready for the party (combing ruby's hair is not something I look forward to) and going to the party. It was lots of fun and we all came home tired out. It's been so nice to see our friends again this week after being like shut-ins for most of last. (the margaritas last night were awesome!)

Time to think about dinner. xoxo

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

wednesday, 3:24pm

dsc00501.jpg, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

Here's a summery picture that made me happy when I just came across it. I love that kid.

I am kind of emotional today. Patrick and I had a really good talk last night and I just feel really close to him again. You know how that is? How everything can be fine but you just haven't really connected for a while? It feels good to be connected again.

(bow chicka bow bow)


Anyway. We had some friends over this afternoon and now Rubes is napping and James is playing in his room so I have a little time to chill. I think I might actually take a short nap. I'm tired after all that (cough) talking (cough) we did last night.

Again - JUST KIDDING. I would never. (talk about that here)

I'm meeting some friends for some dinner and margaritas tonight which is sounding petty darn good. And once again, I am boring myself to tears. xoxoxo

wednesday, 9:54am

Here are some more pictures from last Saturday night. I don't have any fresh material today as yesterday I was busy watching history being made and cleaning the bathroom. xoxo
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

icicles rule, popsicles drool

my james, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

I put some more pictures of the kids up over here.

Mom, did you know there are Christmas pics over there, too?


but really, today is obama's tuesday

and ours.

ruby's tuesday

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Monday, January 19, 2009

jelly roll hot pad tutorial

Last fall Zoe, Kari & I split an adorable jelly roll that we found at Nancy's Notions. Kari made an awesome tote out of hers right away but I have been sitting on mine since then. I realized last week that those strips would work for the potholders I've been wanting to make and match my kitchen.

I sewed 4 of the jelly roll strips together (long edges together) and then cut them into equal quarters (about 10"). Each of those quarters was just about the right length for the hot pad front with enough extra for the hanging loop.

I pressed my sewn quarters and trimmed each one to around 8.25" square. I used the trimmed end piece to fold over and sew the loop, turning right side out and pressing when finished.

The back is cut from some coordinating yardage. I sewed the pieced front and solid back right sides together, with the loop tucked inside, left a hole for stuffing, turned right side out, and pressed.

For the lining I used one layer of cotton batting and one layer of InsulBright that I got at JoAnn's with one of their 50% off coupons. (bringing it down to $3.50/yd) I tacked the two together and rolled them up like a burrito, tucked them in my opening, and unrolled. The tacking really helps get them easily into place. (speaking from experience here)

Next I just sewed around the outside, the first time really close to the edge to catch my opening and the second time in a little farther to catch the edges of the lining. I decided to sew between the front fabrics because it was just kind of calling for it. And then, as if by magic, I had hot pads!

These babies are not just for show. I tested the innards before sewing and held onto a 400 degree oven rack with no problem.

I know there are lots of hot pad tutorials out there but I thought I'd share this anyways. It's a good way to use up any jelly roll strips that you may have bought even though you don't quilt. ;)

saturday night

we know how to party.
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Friday, January 16, 2009

day 3

So. Here we are on day 3 of being inside with the children all day. Ruby is feeling it the most, lots of screeching out of her today. I see a nap in her near future...maybe a bath first.

I did take advantage of the warm car when Patrick got home last night and went out for a while again. I had a certain shirt from Lands' End on my mind and had to go get it. (in vivid plum as I am so wild, on sale for $14) After that I went to the bookstore and had just settled in with a pile of books & magazines and a tall decaf nonfat white mocha (see? wild.) when they came on the loudspeaker. "Barnes & Noble will be closing in 20 minutes due to the cold weather." waaaaaah.

I stayed until the bitter end, frantically paging through US, and came on home. I told Patrick my sad story and he asked if I wanted to go back tonight. He's so sweet. I was really fine with it, aside from not getting to look at those books, as it was 9:30 when I got home and I was quite happy to crawl in bed with my own library book.

I do have a last minute call in to our babysitter on the off chance that she is free this afternoon (she's not in school, after all) but am not counting on it. I'm having a pretty good day so far, but sense that we are teetering on the edge of some fantastic theatrics out of our youngest. I have been sewing, ignoring my children and reading in bed, and just brewed my first cup of coffee. Oh, and I made some toaster waffles. I sat down with them at the table (the kids had just eaten) and James looked at me quite curiously.

J: Where did you make those waffles?
S: In the toaster.
J: Are you kidding me??
S: No, dear. They are called toaster waffles.
J: stunned silence.

There aren't too many safe frozen waffles out there for him and when I bought them when he was much younger he didn't really like them. I just bought some healthy ones for me and did get some Van's Frozen Waffles for him to try but he didn't want them today. (not a huge fan of waffles, that crazy boy)

I could probably keep going on and on but I won't.

You're welcome.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

baby it's dangerously cold outside

We are tucked in at home for the day as the temperatures are tooooo cold for me to be taking the kidlets out. 0 degrees is one thing but -17 degrees, without the wind chill? brrrrrr.

We'll be up to a lot of the same stuff as yesterday...some painting, a little sewing (yesterday I finished that heart garland in the above photo...maybe today will be a hot pad?), a little jumping around, a little tv, and a little pretending (the shocker has now turned into a milk truck) (I can't find a link to the set James has anymore but it's by Cranium...something like this).

Last night I went to the library when Patrick got home, just to get out for a few minutes. Then I called him while driving around the block to see if he needed anything from Target. He did (doritos) but I decided to just go to Sentry (right here in town) and wander around there for a while. Sometimes it's just good to be out, doesn't matter where. :)

The tempeh was actually baked tofu (not sure what the difference is) and it was fine. The texture will take some getting used to, for sure. James ate a few bites, Ruby ate none of it (nothing new), Patrick was not fooled (didn't eat it...ate some chicken instead) and I was fine for a while and then it grossed me out. I'm glad we tried it though, and think that everyone will eat the crumbled soy taco "meat" tonight. mwah ha ha.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

super shocking

James coming after me in his "Super Shocker"...

sweet, no? I only lived to tell because he couldn't fit up the stairs.

After all that, I still let him make cookies with me. ugh. Too much raw dough for this mama. (one of the drawbacks to cooking without eggs...the ability to eat all the dough you can hold!)

Thanks for the commiseration on the ugly month yesterday. I can't say I'm happy anyone else has one but it's good to know I'm not alone. And Vicki, thanks for the self portrait tip. I took some of me laughing hysterically yesterday, though, and they are kind of frightening. Maybe just a subtle laugh is more what you meant? :)
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